Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Treasured Angel

     Some people would say that we can't have a bestfriend at work or we can't earn real friendships.  Well, I'm grateful that I have so many beautiful friendships from my first job to the present.  And among them, there's somebody who have touched my life very deeply.  Let me share who she is...

     On her first work week, she requested my (should be) adjustment for a better communication between us.  It is an effect when she got sicked. And we cried several times together also.  The first time we shared our tears was on her first month (I still remember why..., for the record, it's not me!  lol).  In a short period, I have adore her for the courage and sincerity.

    She has a patient patient's story, a lady who are strong & determined and who never gave up. (I still have those files and videos.)

    She's patient at work, too. She has a lot of passion not only for the company but also for the community.  She is inspiring!  She's an Angel!

    She's mataray (frank & straightforward) for others, but I must say that she is tactful.  Those people need their own medicine sometimes.  ;)

    She calls me proactive at work but passive to criticisms (Oooppss!  How come you have evaluated me on lunch break? hehehe)

    She's my office confidante.  Always accompany me at Big Brother for lunch when I am deeply upset.  She have to spend more on lunch than our ordinary Jolly-Jeep* meals.

    Through the years, we shared so much not only about work matters but also with personal matters. Now, I have to thank those sleepless nights of pressures when we have to stay in a hotel to work. It's because we have some bonding moments before we sleep.  

Pleasure during Pressures ;-)

    It was great working with her. She's really a sincere, kind, thoughtful, passionate and truly a great friend.

    She is my BESTFRIEND at my previous workplace. And we continue to share the great friendship even after the tenure.

    Just in case you still don't know her, she's my treasured angel ... she's Mildred :)

Fun times together (I was sexier

*Jolly-Jeep literally means eatery in a jeep, which is usually found at the back of the tall buildings in Makati City.

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