Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Goodbyes on Resignation Letter

          At some point of your career, you want to leave the company for some valid reasons (professional/personal). A graceful exit from the company is the last good impression that you can leave and oftentimes, is the most remembered. Your resignation letter should be done in professional manner, too.  It's not the right medium to brag your accomplishments or express your sentiments or whines.  Whatever your reasons, your resignation letter should only contain 3 themes:

1.  Gratitute for the opportunity/experiences.  Even if the positive things was outweighed by the negative ones, express gratitude for those few positive things. You don't have to look back at negative things but rather, look forward.

2.  Reason.  The only reason you have to write is [a] career growth, [b] better opportunity or, [c] personal reasons.  You don't have to lie but if you have reasons other than [a] and [b], you just have to state [c]. Whatever you write in your resignation letter will be refered back to you in the future. Never badmouth your boss.  Don't worry because  the company/boss will recognize the real reason/s behind every resignation, even in your deep silence.

3.  Well wishes.  Wish the company more success and mean it.  You may asked me, "what for?".  I am a firm believer of the "Law of Attraction".  I believe that if you give good wishes sincerely, it will get back to you a hundred folds.

Don't worry on how your resignation is being handled.  Let bygones by bygones. Focus more on soaring high freely and the opportunity to have a better work milieu.

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