Saturday, May 5, 2012

Created Value from the Scrap

     Art is not my cup of tea but this will not stop me from exploring its beauty.  So when the barangay held its workshop, I didn’t have a second thought.  By the way, it’s about creating value from scrap materials. We made a jewelry box out of newspapers and jewelry out of colorful paperbacks.  As you have already noted in my previous blogs, I also am carrying my tag name in the workshop which is also popular to close friends and relatives – SEXY.  By now, you can do nothing about it but sigh!  Hehehe

     Hey, do you know that my paper necklace was noted as the best creation in the workshop?  Hehehe Yes! I am so proud of it.  Since it was the BEST, I gave it to my Momsy.  And I know, she’s keeping it along with her expensive jewelry…  ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Spoonful Diet


     It was Valentine’s Day 2011 when I teased the GM (one of my favorite bosses -ILS) to treat us with her favorite ice cream.  Honestly, I am just kidding but she really gave us that Valentine’s treat (Lucky for my fellow colleagues, too).  But after that instance, I became wary of throwing that kind of jokes to her.  It’s not because she don’t accept her staff kidding her but because I don’t want her think that I’m abusing her generosity.  We also had few bonding moments and it is all worth remembering.  By the way, we also have shared one addiction – that is eating our “The white hat” favorites.  I just can’t get enough of it, so, one time, I really tried eating 1 pint of its blueberry ice cream alone.  Argghhhh, let me reiterate the last word “ALONE”.  Hey, excluding the spoon, of course!  Hehehe Do you think, I have eaten the spoon, too?  Well, I kept some and took a photo as proof! Hehehe  Kidding aside, I just started collecting the spoon also.  Please don’t scold me, co’z it’s nice to see, is it not?

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