Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Spoonful Diet


     It was Valentine’s Day 2011 when I teased the GM (one of my favorite bosses -ILS) to treat us with her favorite ice cream.  Honestly, I am just kidding but she really gave us that Valentine’s treat (Lucky for my fellow colleagues, too).  But after that instance, I became wary of throwing that kind of jokes to her.  It’s not because she don’t accept her staff kidding her but because I don’t want her think that I’m abusing her generosity.  We also had few bonding moments and it is all worth remembering.  By the way, we also have shared one addiction – that is eating our “The white hat” favorites.  I just can’t get enough of it, so, one time, I really tried eating 1 pint of its blueberry ice cream alone.  Argghhhh, let me reiterate the last word “ALONE”.  Hey, excluding the spoon, of course!  Hehehe Do you think, I have eaten the spoon, too?  Well, I kept some and took a photo as proof! Hehehe  Kidding aside, I just started collecting the spoon also.  Please don’t scold me, co’z it’s nice to see, is it not?


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