Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Secret of My Mommy

Cory is the name of my Mommy,
Who has a lot of money,
She calls her husband “honey”,
December 30 is their wedding anniversary.

After 30 years of humanity,
My mommy borned seven baby,
Happiness is the feeling of everybody,
The Heaven and Earth are propinquity.

I’m the youngest of her lady,
Whom everybody got envy,
Because of my healthy body,
And also my popularity.

Mommy gives water to the thirsty,
Gives bread to the hungry,
Her heart is open to everybody,
And help with rigidity.

Mommy have a lot of ability,
The reason of my loyalty,
If I’m with her I’m safety,
Without a feeling of anxiety.

Now she has her own party.
Celebrating her 56th birthday,
Which is done yearly,
Sanctify her is our tendency.

Whew! After 17 years, I am sharing this poem online.  This is the first English poem that I have made. Thanks to Ms. Alinsunurin (my high school journalism teacher) who taught me the fun and beauty of writing.  And of course, thanks to KM - a great influence to my passion in writing.  She truly inspires me …then and now! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Sunshine Blogger Award

    I am doing my blog routine, visiting the blogs of my frequent visitors, when I came across with this award. It really surprised me that Ron  chose me to be one of the recipients of this awesome (really awesome!) award. Whew! I am having an extended circle of friends in this blogging world. And this extended circle really is so amazing.  Let me explain why.  A friendship that started with KM (my high school comrade), I became close to his father (Papaleng) who created an Xpressionlane Forum where I have also met PS, who also have a blogging buddy (high school pals), she's no other than Rovie who gave this award to Ron and Ron also gave it to me.  What a wonderful world!  I am enjoying and welcoming a bigger horizon of this blogging world.  Amazing, is it not?

Since this award should be passed to 10 People, I will be choosing 10 blogging friends randomly. Oh please, don't feel bad if you will not be chosen, there's only 10 slots from over a hundred blogging friends ;) But to all of you - thank you for adding sunshine to my blogsite. Either online or offline, rain or shine, I will remain grateful :)
By the way, here are some set of rules for the recipients of this Award:
1) Thank the Person (that's Me) who gave this award and write a little post about it.
2) Answer the Questions Below.
3) Pass it on to 10 Bloggers who you think deserves this award and send them a message telling them about it (thru contact page/shoutbox or etc) to let the recipient know that they got an award.
Questions (and my Answers):
Fav Color: Baby Pink, Sky Blue and Yellow
Fav Number: 7 and 1104 (oh please don't start counting my great madness LOL)
Fav Drink: Water, Pineapple Juice and Green Tea
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook (after all, my twitter posts are also linked and posted to my FB wall hehehe)
Your Passion: Great food and Financial Freedom are some (complete list is available upon request hahaha just kidding)
Giving or Getting Presents?: Giving - it's one of my languages of love ;)
Fav Day: Sunday and Wednesday ;)
Fav Flowers: Tulips, Sunflower and Stargazer (and I haven't received any of these yet.... aheemmm...)

It's about time to pass it on... and my Sunshine Blogger Awardees (in Alphabetical order) are:

:) Now, I  have to get back to visiting my other blogging friends... :)
OMG, this also reminds me that there's one more pending award that I need to pass on... 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you happy?

     OMG! The first time that I have heard this question from my BFC (Best Friend Cousin), I was intimidated.  Was I? I also haven't asked myself yet (that time).  And why is she asking such question when she knows almost everything about me?  I made a deep reflection about it and become aware of how I share my feelings, too. I share the stories to people close to me but not my emotion. I, myself, am passive with challenges (or negativity) in life.  I am good at ignoring the negative feelings and even people.  And I am fine with it.

    And this is one of the most appreciated gestures from my BFC.  She understands my silence and as always, she wants to bring out the deepest emotions of mine...  By the way, we are also different in so many ways. My normal mood is serious while she's wacky (most of the times). But RESPECT, LOVE and TRUST was engraved deeply for each other.

    Thence, if only the stories are being shared, we also ask more for the emotion... :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's the color of your heart today?

     Whenever my BFF (from college) and I keep in touch with each other, there's one common question being asked everytime. What's the color of your heart today? It's fun to explore the rainbow and relate it to every facets of your life, by the way.  Now I have realized that it's been half a decade already that I have represented it with "RED" and "BLUER THAN BLUE". But most of the time, it is "SKY BLUE", "PINK" or "BABY PINK".  Aside from the fact that this is my favorite color, this also represents a healthy and happy heart.  But lately, I am thinking of changing my preference to a "YELLOW", the color of enlightenment ;).

    On the other hand, my BFF (or MaChere as we call each other) is previously consistent of representing her heart as "BLACK & WHITE".  And I am happy that since last year, she got out from her cave to explore the other wonderful colors of the rainbow.

     However we live our life, we always try to enjoy everything along the journey and live life to the fullest.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

True Friendship

     The meaning of friendship varies from every individual.  And surely, we define it based on how we see/do things.  But first, we have to look deeper if we put qualification to friendship. This is why I was stuck at my facebook friend's wall. She defines it through the benefits one can gain with it.  Thus, with strong contradiction, I am writing this to share my stand.

     Every friendship starts with mere acquiantances.  You get to know deeper and deeper by sharing both of your lives.  You invest time and emotion for it to grow.  Then, you share more with affection and trust.  This is the level of true friendship for me.  It's not just about the comfort level in the relationship but  rather the love and trust that make it to the level of friendship.

     Friends are our kindred spirits.  Because of our love for our friends, we are willing to give our support or comfort when they need. But it's not the other way around (let me reiterate:  it's not the other way around ;) ) We become a friend not because of the benefits that we can get but rather we share the love (support or comfort) because they're our friend.  It's just similar to taking care of our little sister/brother.

     Ergo, my only qualification is SINCERITY and not the STATUS SYMBOL. I have friends in different walks of life and I am growing with all of them.  Part of me is left with them and vice versa... and I will always treasure beautiful friendships with them.

 Surezelle Compagnie

Surezelle Compagnie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Totus Tuus

     Last October 29, 2011, around 10,000 Filipinos were gathered at Araneta Coliseum for the event (BLESSED: A CALL TO HOLINESS) to honor the beloved universal pastor, Blessed John Paul II.  I attended the said event with my 2 siblings and a brother-in-law.  Now, I am inspired to write another tribute to his Holiness.

    Karol Josef Wojtyla (JP2 or John Paul II) was born on 18 May 1920 to Karol Wojtyla and Emilia Kaczorowska in Wadowice, Poland.  His mother died when he was 8. All his siblings also died before the death of his father in 1941. He was already an orphan at the age of 20.

     He began thinking about priesthood after his father died.  He entered the seminary and he was ordained priest in 1946.  Following the death of Pope John Paul I, he was elected pope, the first non-Italian in centuries.

     JP2 has been pope for over 26 years.  By the time of his death in 2005, JP2 had visited 126 countries, beatified 1,340 people, canonized 483 saints, wrote 14 encyclicals, etc..  He left us teachings, encouragement and an example of how it is to be holy during these modern era.

     It is fortunate to Filipinos that JP2 visited our country twice: in 1981 and in 1995.  In his first visit, he addressed professionals and catechists at the very same place (Araneta Coliseum).  A great reflection that I want to share with you also, "You have a twofold calling, in the first place, you have to meet your personal needs and those of your families, through the exercise of your professions.  In this you have sometimes experienced difficulties and frustrations and perhaps even discouragement.  And yet you must not give up, knowing as you do that you are also called upon to make your contribution to the service of the common good.  When things are going well, never shut yourselves off from the society for the sake of making money, gaining power or acquiring more knowledge; do not retreat into a position of privilege.  May you put your talents to good use by serving  even more  generously the needs and aspirations of all your brothers and sisters in the Philippines.", -JP2 said.

      In his second visit, he offered mass at the Luneta Park for the WORLD YOUTH DAY to approximately 5-7 million crowd.  It was considered the largest single gathering in Christian history.

     By the way, he also noted two great blessings we, Filipinos, have (and of which I am very proud of):  1) Richness of our faith and 2) closeness of our family.

     TOTUS TUUS is JP2's apostolic motto which means "totally yours". He encourages us to be strong  to do things in God's glory.  Do not be afraid to be extraordinary. And always be grateful in whatever way because that will bring out the love of God.

TOTUS TUUS, my only GOD!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Challenge at Macau Tower

Macau Tower is one of the World's Tallest Towers.  It is 338 meters in height and it was opened in 2001. It offers magnificent panoramic views  all over Macau. 

 Macau Tower from a far

Panoramic Views of Macau


This is the challenge that I took at the Tower. Overcoming the fears of height by stepping in a glass.  At my background, people try to walk back and forth on steel in between the glass first. Even then, it still gives butterflies in our hearts. So, this photo shot takes less than 5 seconds only (step at the glass, smile then, step back in haste). Thus, it looks like I FEAR NOT. ;)

Actually, they also offer some sports activities like bungy jump, sky walk, etc. at the Tower.  It's just not my cup of adventures... not yet :)

Great Things in Macau

     I have been to few Asian countries and if there's only one place to revisit, I must say Macau without battling my eyelashes. Although we hired a tourist guide to maximize our day tour, I wish to be there again for 3 days or more. And since there's so much to share about my Macau travel, I will pursue to write it in few parts.

Below photos were taken while in bus or taxi ;)

Ruins of St. Paul
 This is regarded as a symbol of Macau.You just can't miss going here when you visit the place.

Trivia: This church was built in 1602. It was used later as an army barracks after the expulsion of the Jesuits. A fire in 1835 destroyed this church, all that remains is its magnificent stone facade and grand staircase.

 Front view of the Ruins

  Back view of the Ruins

 One of the Statues that illustrates the early days of the Church in Asia

You also should not miss tasting the EGG TART from Macau. I must say, it is one of the best in the world.  Au Poil!

Ladies offering a free taste (sort of preserved cooked meat) in the pathway.

This is one of the bakeries that we have entered. They offer a free taste of every product. You just get some from the specific transparent containers. Thus, you can taste everything before you decide what to buy. Cool, isn't?  There's a water dispenser inside the shop, too. Once thirsty, you can have a purified water for FREE. This is truly a TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

     Aside from the egg tart, my most favorite to buy in Macau is the Ginger Candy from Koi Kei Bakery. I just can't stop munching until none is left ;)

{By the way, I will be sharing more of my Macau adventures in my next blog.}

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BEATUS : Embracing the holiness of Blessed John Paul II

     The Blessed John Paul II was born in 1920  (real name: Karol Wojtyl). In October 19, 1978, he was elected as POPE and took the name of JOHN PAUL II. During his time, he have visited many countries including Philippines.  Papal first visit to the Philippines was in 1981 and his second visit to our country was in 1995. His last public appearance at his window in the Apostolic Palace was on March 30, 2005 . And in April 2, he died at 9:37p.m on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday.

     A couple of days ago, I have passed by in the Activity Area of Gateway Mall where there's a RELIC & PHOTO EXHIBIT of Blessed John Paul II.  This exhibit runs from October 9-21, 2011 and there is a BEATUS on October 29 at the Big Dome.  My sister Loren already have the assured ticket from our Parish for the event. I also wish fervently for the free ticket so that I can also attend on Oct 29.

Here's some of the Relics in the exhibit :)

     Like every Catholic christians all over the world, he has been a very important part of my faith. I remember how excited I was when my BFC (Best Friend Cousin) presented to me the souvenir (bookmark) from World Youth Day where she's one of the delegates of their Parish. It's not just an ordinary bookmark for me, it's more like a spiritual blessing.

Let me share here the two of my most favorite messages of Blessed John Paul II.  It has touched my life in many ways... Stay Blessed everyone!

Message to Fatima on May 13, 2000, "If someone or something makes you think that you have reached the end of the line, do not believe it! If you know the eternal Love who created you, you also know that there is an immortal soul within you.  There are various seasons in life; if by chance you feel winter approaching, I want you to know that it is not the last season, because the last one will be spring; the springtime of the Resurrection. Your whole life extends infinitely beyond its earthly limits: heaven awaits you."

"Life on Earth is not an ULTIMATE but a PENULTIMATE reality; Even so, it remains a sacred reality entrusted to us, to be preserved with a sense of responsibility and brought to perfection in love and in the gift of ourselves to God and to our brothers & sisters." Evangelium Vitae No. 2

This is my contribution for:


Friday, October 7, 2011

My Sexy Cup of Tea

     It was a rainy rendezvous, with my sister Loren, for another adventure. But unfortunately  when we got there, the supposedly adventure will  be available only in next 3-4 months. I thought that it is available at any season. Anyway, we just decided to stroll at the baywalk.  And as usual, we enjoyed our photo shots anywhere (everywhere ;) ).

     We are finally feeling chilled with sea breeze and started looking for a hot cup before going home ...viola, Starbucks!

     You know, there are 3 reasons why my memories in Starbucks are happier. These are: 1)  Green Tea Latte (hot) 2) Oreo cheesecake  3) Sexy ;) Well, the first two are the known products that I usually bought in Starbucks .  It is my all-time favorite and the latter is the name I give whenever asked by a cashier. You got it right! It's cooool!  Try it sometime, too ;) It will give happy heart not only to you and your company but to the cashier and service crews, as well.

I am SEXY... whether you like it or not ;)

My Green Tea Latte

     One of the few things in my Green Tea Latte, I can choose over a skimmed or non-fat milk. Whichever, I simply love the rich flavor of the green tea. Vendi size is my sexy cup! What I mean is that - it's my level of fulfillment.

My all-time favorites ;)

      Starbucks' oreo cheesecake is one of the best cheesecakes that I ever tasted, too. Some times, I double my servings to satisfy my appetite, too.  Oooopppssss!  Those were the days, I mean ;)

My travel & adventure buddy, my sister!

Shirt says, "Please don't be intimidated, my AWESOMENESS was meant to be shared." ;) hihihi

     With all these photo shots, stroll and hot cups, we went home with happy hearts despite of the detour of our adventure.  This unplanned adventure turned out to be another sweet memories of ours.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Ready, My Soul

Photo from Google

This is a real treasure.  This cannot be found in youtube and I don't know why.  This very good song should be shared to everyone. It's really very inspiring that I can't resist myself but share this beautiful music. Thanks for the free gift from CASH IN A FLASH.  It's free to download the MP3 from their website.

Get Ready, My Soul by Daniel Nahmod

Get Ready my soul, I'm diving in
Get Ready my soul, I'm diving in
To the deepest kind of love
To the sweetest kind of life
Get ready, Get ready, My Soul

Everything, I've ever done
Everything I've ever seen
Everything I've lost or won
Everything I've ever dreamed

Has brought me here
To the present moment, here
To a new beginning, here
And I'm seeing life so clearly now

Repeat (A)

Here I go, deeper, deeper
Deeper than I've ever been before
Here I go, closer, closer
Closer to my sacred source

Repeat (A)

Lyrics are copied from : Daniel Nahmod Lyrics
MP3 Inspirational Song can be downloaded for free at : Cash In a Flash

My contribution for:


Monday, September 26, 2011

Deceitful World

     I normally don’t believe in any gossip.  If it pertains to people close to me, I confirm it first directly to the concerned person.  But last time, I was a victim of a hoax. There’s a numerous blogs stating that Oprah Winfrey commented on the Miss Universe 2011 results in favor of Miss Philippines.  I was a bit disappointed that some people are less responsible in spreading unconfirmed and unreliable information. One thing that I realized though, it quite happens everywhere. In our workplace, newspapers, community, politics and, OMG, even in stock markets.  What about in love? Well, it seems true also.  Most people deceive to get what they want, to manipulate the world. Even in the worldwideweb, we often search for the answers to our questions and we believe to what we read and see. But as customers or users, we have to be wary of everything.

     Just like my sister’s reaction to the movie clip she has seen in youtube regarding the pork that was marinade in coke softdrink.  This may sounds funny to you, but she actually tried doing it. A small slice of pork was marinade in coke softdrink.  And after 2 hours, there’s no single worm came out from that pork as claimed by that uploaded movie clip. And while I am writing this, it’s now (marinade for)  15 hours  (and counting) and yet, I haven’t seen any single worm from that pork.  Darn!

     So next time, we have to assess things that we hear, read or see, most especially if it is a malicious information or gossip. And believe me, a lot of people are earning from that… earning not only in terms of money but worst, earning the trust also.

     Ergo, always follow this old adage – BUYERS BEWARE ;) and I trust that you understand what I mean.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tidbit of my Rosy Life

     In one of my LOVE NOTES category, I commented in  WISH NO MORE that it will be the last poem that I will write for that love story. But wait, I said poem, right? J It’s because I have some thoughts to share today. Anyway, I have been there - I promise this, I swear that, but at some point, along the journey, I break it. But Great Love still holds true…  Arrrgggghhhh… what I am saying….  Actually, I just want to share this song, Chasing pavements by Adele: {This was shared to me also by my great friend.}

     After closing the windows, I open up doors but with reservations.  And just like the lyrics of the song, “I build myself up and fly around in circles.”  That’s it J  I hope you enjoy this song more than the tidbit of my rosy life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Monthsary

     Due to the overwhelming views of my Miss Universe Q&A version, I have delayed for a while writing a new blog. But I always get excited in the idea of writing, blogging, networking …and most especially, earning passive income.  Hey, this will be part of my next blogs related to FINANCE & INVESTMENT.

     Today, I get excited on one thing – My first monthsary in Blogger.  Whew, it’s like I’m into blogging for so long now.  Actually, I started a blog site (for earning) in another domain but I didn’t pursue it after a month for some reasons and I transfer here in Blogger for good. So tomorrow is my FIRST MONTHSARY here in Blogger.  Yahoooooo!!!

     And for my first monthsary, I would like to dedicate this blog to few people that I treasure in my blogging life:

To my READERS - (Friends, acquaintances, and blog walkers) You simply inspire me to blog more. This I promise, I will choose to write quality blogs only. Readings that will only worth your time.

To my ever dearest Blogger Buddy, MORE THAN SEXY (KM) – My high school comrade who always shares her knowledge in blogging world. She always encourages me to blog more and watches happily over my baby steps in blogging, too.

Most of all, to my family and relatives – I wish to share my blessings unconditionally someday… baby steps for multiple streams of income will soon result to our financial freedom J

And with all my humility, I swear to remain grateful to all of you…

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 - 3rd runner up: my Q&A version

     My previous steady don’t have any interests with pageants like Miss Universe.  For him, it is just a venue of promoting expensive beauty products and winners are usually from the developing countries where there’s a low market demands for those expensive products.

     But I hail from Philippines where real beautiful women (inside & out) are born.  Not only that, we also have lots of winners of Miss Universe who are truly engaged in holistic activities (my personal favorite is Ms.  Gloria Diaz).

     For this year’s Miss Universe, I got interested with the question for Miss Philippines.  Should I change my religion to marry the man I love?  Well, religion is our relationship with God.  It’s just like an FB status of what we perceived in our relationship i.e.  Single (even though in a relationship) or In a relationship but complicated. Our real faith with God is our attachment with Him.  Thus, attachment is far more important than religion.  We only have ONE GOD whichever religion we are affiliated with. 

     Religion is just like water in different languages.  For scientist, it’s merely an H2O formula.  For Filipinos, it is called “Tubig” and for the universal language, we understand it as “water”. The bottom line is, however it is translated or interpreted, we still believe in ONE GOD and it’s our attachment with Him that truly matters.

EAT-ALL-U-CAN @ Chef d’ Angelo

     Every time I pass by at Stargate Mall, I always have this silent wish to dine at Chef d’ Angelo for their eat-all-U-can treat.  Their store is situated at the ground floor of Stargate Mall which is also just beside the MRT – Magallanes station.  And every time I was there, I am either in a hurry or tired and wish to get home fast. But thankfully, my silent wish has been fulfilled last week when I need to go to Makati City again. So before heading to my last commitment for that day, I had an early dinner with Chef d’ Angelo.  Their eat-all-U-can package is very practical and reasonable.  For just Php150/head, you can enjoy different kinds of pizza, pasta in red and white sauce, garden salad and soup. You can also have chicken-all-U-can for the additional Php125. It’s more than a déjà vu of my “Big Bird” meals in my early years of working. By the way, the eat-all-U-can is available from Monday-Friday at 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm and on Saturday- Sunday from 12nn to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.  So, this meal is simply available every day during lunchtime and dinner time.

     So what I love about my early dinner? Mushroom soup is always my favorite. So, I didn’t miss it obviously.  Then, their garden salad includes chopped olives.  Aside from (my purpose of) countering the calorie intake for that afternoon, I really enjoy munching the olives with lettuce and tomato.  Simply yummylicious! And of course, pizzas and lots of pizza… they offer 4 kinds of pizza that afternoon, I just love the taste and crust of their pizza.   The thickness and size is just enough for few munches.  It is also cheezylicious!

     So I’m pretty sure that I will go back to that store again to enjoy munching.  Afterall, Chef d’ Angelo is more than just good food!  ;-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Symphony of Great Friendship

Strangers at first, then, detested of any association
Annoyed perhaps in meeting for inappropriate reason
Now, happiness grows deep within immensely
That’s because of the sincerity and maturity
Over the matters being shared absolutely
Sweet symphony of great friendship, may be
Has been played just between you and me…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aphorisms from Old Prism

“I may not have loved you the way you want me to love you but I have loved you the way I can.”

“I may not have you today but I am contented. It’s better than having you, yet, feeling like I’m living in Timbuktu."

“I am grateful of everything that happened to me.  It made me happier of what I have today."

“There's a rainbow after every rain and there must be treasures at the end of the rainbow.”

“The best is yet to come and I am  excited of what’s in store.” ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boss, statue? (Boss, is that you?)

Learning traffic in business world today is changing. In previous decades, it is just a downward approach but nowadays, it can also be an upward approach. Of course, I am talking about vertical learning traffic only. Because this is the most uncomfortable level. The horizontal approach will always be an all-time favorite. You can ask help or advice from co-workers comfortably.

It is expected that whenever you commit mistakes, your boss will call your attention or advice you whenever you need it (downward approach). But what if, it’s your boss who needs to be corrected this time? Is the upward learning approach acceptable? Is it healthy? Well, it really depends on the ego of your boss, how you do it and the office politics. Let me share to you the 3 different bosses that I know.

When I am still a rank & file, I have this co-worker (higher than me but not my direct superior). She made this incorrect (accounting) journal entry in previous month that year. And when I have to make my entry related to that, I have noticed it and call her attention. She instructed me to just use her journal entry to close it. I was idealistic that time and I really told her that it’s incorrect way of doing so. Unfortunately, I have hurt her ego and we really never became friends.

Second boss I know is a real headache! Even if you’re not a perfectionist, you can notice various spelling and grammar mistakes in her email. But I have learned KKK constructive criticisms. (Kiss, Kick, Kiss – Praise first before criticizing, then, praise again) I let her save her face, even if at times, at my expense. There are also times that I take things as it is. And despite of these, I still give my sincerity, respect and submission to her because she’s still my boss. The irony of it all, we became real friends when we both left the company.

The third boss became my boss when the former boss resigned. And since he is still new with the responsibility, I helped him familiarize with the particular report that is due for submission. And I had a free lunch at Amici (an Italian Resto) that day. Although, that free lunch is highly appreciated, there’s so much more with this third boss. He is also open and appreciative to new learning. He is the most sincere boss that I have known. He taught me that any boss is also a human being, someone I can cry or laugh with. I have utmost respect to this third boss; he’s a real great leader. And of course expectedly, he became my ALL-TIME favorite and most loved BOSS.

We may meet similar boss just like the 3 bosses above. Whoever, we have to give respect to them despite of their weakness. Always remember that a boss has all the right to be one. And since we are all created as imperfect individuals, let us tolerate imperfections if we can. And copy only the positive characteristics from people we meet. As for me, I want to be like the third boss when I get to that level!

{Special thanks to RRR, for inspiring me to be a great leader, too.}

Important Work Habits

Photo from Google

Why do you work?  Have you ever asked yourself this question? I am pretty sure that all your answers are related to providing or offering something to your love ones. Let it be your parents, family, children, girlfriends/boyfriends or whatever the case may be. Do you plan to be successful in your chosen career? Well, I hope so. And if your answer is DEFINITY YES, here’s the list of important work habits that will help you be more successful.

Punctual – Always be on time in everything (attendance, reports, meeting, etc.).  I have met so many people who are not really that excellent in work but they are loved by their supervisors. This is because punctuality also shows reliability.

Organized – Not all of us possess this skill. But it’s worth to be important, also.  This reminds me of my staff in previous job. She is really organized and I can depend on her always. Thus, she is valued greatly.

Interpersonal – You should build rapport not only with your department or company but with external parties as well.  It is always easier and more comfortable to work with friends. It also fosters teamwork and/or cooperation. Thus, it will be faster to get things done. This is a seasoning in business world.

Office Etiquette - This is the most disregarded work habits from staff to executive levels. One example is writing an email with BCC (Blind carbon copy).     Can you trust your colleague or boss doing this?

Responsibility – Do your duties because it is the least expectation from you. It is better if you can do it earlier or faster. Some people has a delaying tactics to show that they are “as if” busy. If you do this, you will get only raising eyebrows.  Also, be initiative in doing follow-ups, if needed.

Expertise – Know all the rules. Understand all the instructions. And be efficient in whatever you do.  If you don’t know something, study and master it. My previous manager noted me as someone who has “superpowers” in MS Excel. She relied to me so she gave me one of her confidential work that needed my superpowers in MS Excel.  I am happy and honored that she have entrusted it to me.  So, you will never know any missed opportunity in learning more and mastering it.

Sometimes, I also fail in some of this work habits but I make sure to improve continuously on it.  Because I believe that this can be my valuable weapons not only in climbing the corporate ladder but also being happy and contented. I am pleased that in every work, I have done it the best way I can.  I also hope that this can help you be more successful as you can be. Stay inspired!

Sample Interview Q&A

Job interviews are similar to social conversation in many ways.  But however factual and sincere you are with your answers, it seems that job offers are still out of your reach. You wonder why you got no job offer even if you have a very good qualification. You know why, it is not at all times about being factual and sincere.  It’s also about the information that you give.  So you have to be selective with your answers during the interview. So much information about your personal life will bring you to nowhere. But too little will also give the interviewer an impression that you are hiding something. I hope that this sample Q&A will give you vast idea on how you can compose your answers to possible interview questions. I list 15 possible questions which are asked frequently and some questions that you should consider to ask them also. Let’s begin..

  1. Tell me about yourself? Give a brief overview of your personal details and more about your professional details. Limit your answer to about 2-3 minutes.
  2. Strength and Weakness? Give 2-3 strengths you possess.  For your weakness, give a conservative one and back it up with your continuous effort to improve or correct it.
  3. Why are you the best person for this job? This is similar to “Why should we hire you?” Emphasize on your career accomplishments, skills and ability to set priorities.  It is important to give examples in your “getting things done” experiences especially in identifying problems and your energy in solving them.
  4. How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our organization? Give a realizable time line. Surely, you will have a pressing demands and responsibility from your first day (if hired). You also need to know the organization well enough to make a major contribution. Is 6-months enough be a real asset to the organization? This really depends on how fast you learn and adopt a new environment.
  5. How long would you stay with us? An interviewer wants to know how he can keep you in his organization. Admit your interest in a career with the organization and factors that will keep you.  Is it the challenges or achievements, or both?
  6. Your resume suggests that you may be over-qualified or too experienced for this position.  What’s your opinion? Sometimes, in establishing a long-term association with the organization, it’s better to start in a lower position. This is true especially if you want to transfer from local company to MNC. And if you perform your job well, surely new opportunities will open up for you. Tell the interviewer that since you are well-qualified, they will get fast return on their investment.
  7. What important trends do you see in our industry? In this question, your research about the company will help you understand the market beforehand.  Give two or three technological challenges or opportunities, demands and economic conditions related to their industry.
  8. Why do you want to work here? Give some company’s attributes or integrity as you see them like stability or working environment and relate it to your motivation to work best.
  9. Why are you leaving your present position? Don’t badmouth your previous boss. But rather focus on potential career growth and challenges.
  10. What’s your biggest achievement? Your answer should be job-related. And do not exaggerate your contributions to major projects.
  11. What would you like to be doing five years from now? Give realizable professional goals and what you might be doing in their company if some opportunity exists.
  12. Can you work under pressure? Show your willingness but don’t forget to emphasize that planning and time management can reduce panic deadlines.
  13. Describe the difficult problem you have to deal with.  Show your professional and analytical abilities. Ideal steps in solving any problem is to examine the situation, recognize the problem and its hidden factors, list possible solutions, determine the best solution and seek for your boss’ advice and approval.  It is best to give specific examples in your previous job.
  14. What are you looking for in you next job? Your answer should be related to 3 elements that you are looking for such as: job, company and, superior.
  15. How would you relate your key competencies to this position? Demonstrate your experiences & work ethics and how can you help them with their goals not only within the department but with the whole company as well.

Things to ask the interviewer at the right timing:
·         What would be the first priorities on the job? Identify their struggles or pain.
·         How would you describe your company’s culture?  Or what do you enjoy most about working here? Determine whether you are fit in.
·         What additional information can I provide about my qualification? Show you really are interested.
·         What are the next steps in the selection process? Know when to expect hiring result
·         Can you clarify what you said about……… or give examples of? Ask follow-ups
  • What are the short and long term goals of the company? Find out where the company is going.  This is the most important question to ask. In my previous job hunt, I got 3 tempting job offers: first company- MNC but I will have only 1 day off, second company – a junior managerial level but local company, third company – an MNC but I will be a “one-man team” and I am free on weekends. I choose the third one but you know what happened? The company closed down just before my 6th month. So, I came to appreciate this very important question.
By this time, you already have read all important steps in job hunting from writing a resume, writing a cover letter, interview preparation and this sample interview Q&A. I advise you to read these workplace related blogs once more or as many times as you can till it become part of you. {just like a mom reminding you not to skip breakfasts ;) }

My next workplace blogs will be now related to work ethics and workplace taboo. Please visit some time again soon.

Thanks & Godspeed!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Four Seasons

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{Story Collection}

There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.

The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest son in the fall.

When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen

The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted. The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promise.

The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen.

The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment.

The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, because they had each seen but only one season in the tree's life.

He told them that you cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season, and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.

If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, fulfillment of your fall.

Job Interview at last

After sending your CV to prospective employers, here’s a call or email, at last, inviting you for an interview. A job interview is the next step in hiring process for employers to know you better and to evaluate if you are best fit to their job vacancy. It is oftentimes a confirmation of what you have written in your CV. Make it your chance also to evaluate the company and the available opportunities that they can offer.

Your goal at this point is to have a good job offer. So, let me help you prepare for this interview effort.

Preparation for a job interview:
• Make sure that you have the correct information of your interview appointment such as: date & time, company name & address and, interviewer’s name and designation.
• Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your actual appointment. You will feel more relax and confident.
• Dress appropriately and smell conservatively. For ladies, put light make-up. This will make a good first impression.
• Don’t leave your house with empty stomach. But not so full that you may feel sleepy and yawn during the interview.
• Do some researches and check the company website. Know the nature of the business, the size, market (consumers/competitors), etc.
• Prepare and practice your answers for the possible interview questions. Also, prepare to ask questions during the interview. Always remember, practice makes perfect!
• Review your resume. Some people tend to forget the details of previous work experiences.
• Have a positive mental attitude.
• Above all, pray. Ask for His guidance and blessing.

How employers assess the best candidate. Some criteria are as follows:
• Qualifications - skills & experience
• Positive attitude, flexibility, work ethics
• Genuine interest in the company and position
• Communication skills

During the job interview:

• Give firm handshake, an enthusiastic greeting and, lots of eye contact.
• Establish rapport with the interviewer. Certainly, you also wish to work with people you are comfortable with.
• A job interview is similar to any social conversation. Respond to questions politely and naturally. Relate your answers to the position and company’s needs.
• Stress your qualifications and achievements. Be factual and sincere.
• Avoid discussion related to salary, benefits, vacation and sick leaves. If asked on your first interview, respond politely that you will seriously consider any reasonable offer they will make.
• Avoid answering “No, I haven’t”. Instead, tell the interviewer that you have done something similar or express your interest to pursue it excellently.
• Find out the selection process.
• After the interview, sincerely thank the interviewer for his time and emphasize once more your great interest for the position.

Good luck in your job interview and Godspeed! Hoping to hear success stories from you.

All About Love

10 important things I have learned about love…

1. First Love never dies, inasmuch as it stays like a Legend.
2. A great love highly values respect – consistently.
3. A man in great love can cross the mountains and swim the seas (figuratively). He will make a way.
4. You are WORTHY of a happy heart. Moreover, love will make you happier – the heart of his life.
5. Keeping some mysteries and surprises is better.
6. Giving unconditional love is very hard (truly, madly, deeply...).
7. True love stays at your side through UPs & DOWNs.
8. The cure for the heartache is another heart. So, do not linger on lost love for a long time.
9. The greatest love story is always your OWN – not the PAST but the PRESENT.
10. Love transcends everything.
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