Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's the color of your heart today?

     Whenever my BFF (from college) and I keep in touch with each other, there's one common question being asked everytime. What's the color of your heart today? It's fun to explore the rainbow and relate it to every facets of your life, by the way.  Now I have realized that it's been half a decade already that I have represented it with "RED" and "BLUER THAN BLUE". But most of the time, it is "SKY BLUE", "PINK" or "BABY PINK".  Aside from the fact that this is my favorite color, this also represents a healthy and happy heart.  But lately, I am thinking of changing my preference to a "YELLOW", the color of enlightenment ;).

    On the other hand, my BFF (or MaChere as we call each other) is previously consistent of representing her heart as "BLACK & WHITE".  And I am happy that since last year, she got out from her cave to explore the other wonderful colors of the rainbow.

     However we live our life, we always try to enjoy everything along the journey and live life to the fullest.


  1. good eve to you..thanks for being here...just keep your post coming coz you got a nice site

  2. Your post makes me recall the mood ring that I used to own when I was little. I relied on that ring so much until I realized that moods can't be recognized by a color on a


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