Saturday, November 5, 2011

True Friendship

     The meaning of friendship varies from every individual.  And surely, we define it based on how we see/do things.  But first, we have to look deeper if we put qualification to friendship. This is why I was stuck at my facebook friend's wall. She defines it through the benefits one can gain with it.  Thus, with strong contradiction, I am writing this to share my stand.

     Every friendship starts with mere acquiantances.  You get to know deeper and deeper by sharing both of your lives.  You invest time and emotion for it to grow.  Then, you share more with affection and trust.  This is the level of true friendship for me.  It's not just about the comfort level in the relationship but  rather the love and trust that make it to the level of friendship.

     Friends are our kindred spirits.  Because of our love for our friends, we are willing to give our support or comfort when they need. But it's not the other way around (let me reiterate:  it's not the other way around ;) ) We become a friend not because of the benefits that we can get but rather we share the love (support or comfort) because they're our friend.  It's just similar to taking care of our little sister/brother.

     Ergo, my only qualification is SINCERITY and not the STATUS SYMBOL. I have friends in different walks of life and I am growing with all of them.  Part of me is left with them and vice versa... and I will always treasure beautiful friendships with them.

 Surezelle Compagnie

Surezelle Compagnie


  1. ay nandun ako! salamat at kasali ako sa true pwendships mo :) lapit na ako umuwi ^^ ilang oras na lang. see ya soon!

  2. Syempre ;) oist... gising pa... sooper excited :)

  3. finding true friends is one of the greatest challenges a person faces in his lifetime..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Little Miss..?


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