Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Ready, My Soul

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This is a real treasure.  This cannot be found in youtube and I don't know why.  This very good song should be shared to everyone. It's really very inspiring that I can't resist myself but share this beautiful music. Thanks for the free gift from CASH IN A FLASH.  It's free to download the MP3 from their website.

Get Ready, My Soul by Daniel Nahmod

Get Ready my soul, I'm diving in
Get Ready my soul, I'm diving in
To the deepest kind of love
To the sweetest kind of life
Get ready, Get ready, My Soul

Everything, I've ever done
Everything I've ever seen
Everything I've lost or won
Everything I've ever dreamed

Has brought me here
To the present moment, here
To a new beginning, here
And I'm seeing life so clearly now

Repeat (A)

Here I go, deeper, deeper
Deeper than I've ever been before
Here I go, closer, closer
Closer to my sacred source

Repeat (A)

Lyrics are copied from : Daniel Nahmod Lyrics
MP3 Inspirational Song can be downloaded for free at : Cash In a Flash

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Deceitful World

     I normally don’t believe in any gossip.  If it pertains to people close to me, I confirm it first directly to the concerned person.  But last time, I was a victim of a hoax. There’s a numerous blogs stating that Oprah Winfrey commented on the Miss Universe 2011 results in favor of Miss Philippines.  I was a bit disappointed that some people are less responsible in spreading unconfirmed and unreliable information. One thing that I realized though, it quite happens everywhere. In our workplace, newspapers, community, politics and, OMG, even in stock markets.  What about in love? Well, it seems true also.  Most people deceive to get what they want, to manipulate the world. Even in the worldwideweb, we often search for the answers to our questions and we believe to what we read and see. But as customers or users, we have to be wary of everything.

     Just like my sister’s reaction to the movie clip she has seen in youtube regarding the pork that was marinade in coke softdrink.  This may sounds funny to you, but she actually tried doing it. A small slice of pork was marinade in coke softdrink.  And after 2 hours, there’s no single worm came out from that pork as claimed by that uploaded movie clip. And while I am writing this, it’s now (marinade for)  15 hours  (and counting) and yet, I haven’t seen any single worm from that pork.  Darn!

     So next time, we have to assess things that we hear, read or see, most especially if it is a malicious information or gossip. And believe me, a lot of people are earning from that… earning not only in terms of money but worst, earning the trust also.

     Ergo, always follow this old adage – BUYERS BEWARE ;) and I trust that you understand what I mean.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tidbit of my Rosy Life

     In one of my LOVE NOTES category, I commented in  WISH NO MORE that it will be the last poem that I will write for that love story. But wait, I said poem, right? J It’s because I have some thoughts to share today. Anyway, I have been there - I promise this, I swear that, but at some point, along the journey, I break it. But Great Love still holds true…  Arrrgggghhhh… what I am saying….  Actually, I just want to share this song, Chasing pavements by Adele: {This was shared to me also by my great friend.}

     After closing the windows, I open up doors but with reservations.  And just like the lyrics of the song, “I build myself up and fly around in circles.”  That’s it J  I hope you enjoy this song more than the tidbit of my rosy life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Monthsary

     Due to the overwhelming views of my Miss Universe Q&A version, I have delayed for a while writing a new blog. But I always get excited in the idea of writing, blogging, networking …and most especially, earning passive income.  Hey, this will be part of my next blogs related to FINANCE & INVESTMENT.

     Today, I get excited on one thing – My first monthsary in Blogger.  Whew, it’s like I’m into blogging for so long now.  Actually, I started a blog site (for earning) in another domain but I didn’t pursue it after a month for some reasons and I transfer here in Blogger for good. So tomorrow is my FIRST MONTHSARY here in Blogger.  Yahoooooo!!!

     And for my first monthsary, I would like to dedicate this blog to few people that I treasure in my blogging life:

To my READERS - (Friends, acquaintances, and blog walkers) You simply inspire me to blog more. This I promise, I will choose to write quality blogs only. Readings that will only worth your time.

To my ever dearest Blogger Buddy, MORE THAN SEXY (KM) – My high school comrade who always shares her knowledge in blogging world. She always encourages me to blog more and watches happily over my baby steps in blogging, too.

Most of all, to my family and relatives – I wish to share my blessings unconditionally someday… baby steps for multiple streams of income will soon result to our financial freedom J

And with all my humility, I swear to remain grateful to all of you…

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 - 3rd runner up: my Q&A version

     My previous steady don’t have any interests with pageants like Miss Universe.  For him, it is just a venue of promoting expensive beauty products and winners are usually from the developing countries where there’s a low market demands for those expensive products.

     But I hail from Philippines where real beautiful women (inside & out) are born.  Not only that, we also have lots of winners of Miss Universe who are truly engaged in holistic activities (my personal favorite is Ms.  Gloria Diaz).

     For this year’s Miss Universe, I got interested with the question for Miss Philippines.  Should I change my religion to marry the man I love?  Well, religion is our relationship with God.  It’s just like an FB status of what we perceived in our relationship i.e.  Single (even though in a relationship) or In a relationship but complicated. Our real faith with God is our attachment with Him.  Thus, attachment is far more important than religion.  We only have ONE GOD whichever religion we are affiliated with. 

     Religion is just like water in different languages.  For scientist, it’s merely an H2O formula.  For Filipinos, it is called “Tubig” and for the universal language, we understand it as “water”. The bottom line is, however it is translated or interpreted, we still believe in ONE GOD and it’s our attachment with Him that truly matters.

EAT-ALL-U-CAN @ Chef d’ Angelo

     Every time I pass by at Stargate Mall, I always have this silent wish to dine at Chef d’ Angelo for their eat-all-U-can treat.  Their store is situated at the ground floor of Stargate Mall which is also just beside the MRT – Magallanes station.  And every time I was there, I am either in a hurry or tired and wish to get home fast. But thankfully, my silent wish has been fulfilled last week when I need to go to Makati City again. So before heading to my last commitment for that day, I had an early dinner with Chef d’ Angelo.  Their eat-all-U-can package is very practical and reasonable.  For just Php150/head, you can enjoy different kinds of pizza, pasta in red and white sauce, garden salad and soup. You can also have chicken-all-U-can for the additional Php125. It’s more than a déjà vu of my “Big Bird” meals in my early years of working. By the way, the eat-all-U-can is available from Monday-Friday at 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm and on Saturday- Sunday from 12nn to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.  So, this meal is simply available every day during lunchtime and dinner time.

     So what I love about my early dinner? Mushroom soup is always my favorite. So, I didn’t miss it obviously.  Then, their garden salad includes chopped olives.  Aside from (my purpose of) countering the calorie intake for that afternoon, I really enjoy munching the olives with lettuce and tomato.  Simply yummylicious! And of course, pizzas and lots of pizza… they offer 4 kinds of pizza that afternoon, I just love the taste and crust of their pizza.   The thickness and size is just enough for few munches.  It is also cheezylicious!

     So I’m pretty sure that I will go back to that store again to enjoy munching.  Afterall, Chef d’ Angelo is more than just good food!  ;-)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Symphony of Great Friendship

Strangers at first, then, detested of any association
Annoyed perhaps in meeting for inappropriate reason
Now, happiness grows deep within immensely
That’s because of the sincerity and maturity
Over the matters being shared absolutely
Sweet symphony of great friendship, may be
Has been played just between you and me…

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aphorisms from Old Prism

“I may not have loved you the way you want me to love you but I have loved you the way I can.”

“I may not have you today but I am contented. It’s better than having you, yet, feeling like I’m living in Timbuktu."

“I am grateful of everything that happened to me.  It made me happier of what I have today."

“There's a rainbow after every rain and there must be treasures at the end of the rainbow.”

“The best is yet to come and I am  excited of what’s in store.” ;)
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