Monday, August 22, 2011

Wish No More

My heart throbs the first time that I saw you
You stand from afar and smile at me, too
Those sweet smiles have melted my heart helplessly
And your firm handshakes have shivered me secretly

I really wish to hug you but I was shy
Wish to hold your hand and squeeze it tight
Swing it back and forth till we get tired
Or just lean at your shoulder while we watch the stars

There are so much more that I wished we have done
Enjoying lots of food and travels are just some
But life is too short and now, you are gone
So, I wish no more and let bygones be bygones!


  1. happy birthday sa kanya. hehe ! let bygones be bygones ;)

  2. ;) At dahil kay Misty kaya ako nakagawa ng poem na ito. And this shall be my last poem of that love story, I swear! Hihihi


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