Monday, August 22, 2011

Job Interview at last

After sending your CV to prospective employers, here’s a call or email, at last, inviting you for an interview. A job interview is the next step in hiring process for employers to know you better and to evaluate if you are best fit to their job vacancy. It is oftentimes a confirmation of what you have written in your CV. Make it your chance also to evaluate the company and the available opportunities that they can offer.

Your goal at this point is to have a good job offer. So, let me help you prepare for this interview effort.

Preparation for a job interview:
• Make sure that you have the correct information of your interview appointment such as: date & time, company name & address and, interviewer’s name and designation.
• Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your actual appointment. You will feel more relax and confident.
• Dress appropriately and smell conservatively. For ladies, put light make-up. This will make a good first impression.
• Don’t leave your house with empty stomach. But not so full that you may feel sleepy and yawn during the interview.
• Do some researches and check the company website. Know the nature of the business, the size, market (consumers/competitors), etc.
• Prepare and practice your answers for the possible interview questions. Also, prepare to ask questions during the interview. Always remember, practice makes perfect!
• Review your resume. Some people tend to forget the details of previous work experiences.
• Have a positive mental attitude.
• Above all, pray. Ask for His guidance and blessing.

How employers assess the best candidate. Some criteria are as follows:
• Qualifications - skills & experience
• Positive attitude, flexibility, work ethics
• Genuine interest in the company and position
• Communication skills

During the job interview:

• Give firm handshake, an enthusiastic greeting and, lots of eye contact.
• Establish rapport with the interviewer. Certainly, you also wish to work with people you are comfortable with.
• A job interview is similar to any social conversation. Respond to questions politely and naturally. Relate your answers to the position and company’s needs.
• Stress your qualifications and achievements. Be factual and sincere.
• Avoid discussion related to salary, benefits, vacation and sick leaves. If asked on your first interview, respond politely that you will seriously consider any reasonable offer they will make.
• Avoid answering “No, I haven’t”. Instead, tell the interviewer that you have done something similar or express your interest to pursue it excellently.
• Find out the selection process.
• After the interview, sincerely thank the interviewer for his time and emphasize once more your great interest for the position.

Good luck in your job interview and Godspeed! Hoping to hear success stories from you.

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