Monday, August 22, 2011

The Secret to Financial Freedom

People fear to talk about finances. But everybody wants to be wealthy. Of course, it cannot be achieved overnight or over the weekend. We need to be financial literate first. This does not mean taking Accounting/Finance courses, doing financial analysis or passing CPA Board Exam. Just practice reading especially in my blog (Finance & Investment). I will take you to the real world of practical finance and investment.

Do you know the secret to financial freedom? Now, I will be sharing to you everything. Are you ready to hear (or read) the secret ? {Whispering} There's really NO secret in becoming wealthy. It's just a simple and easy step: to plan and to discipline ourselves with our expenses.

I will give you more tips in my succeeding blogs. But for now, please enjoy reading the rest of my blogs.

Thanks & Godspeed! ;)

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