Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Decade Older Valentine

     Valentines Day is celebrated every 14th of February all over the world :) It brings out different emotions related to love.  But I won't discuss that on this blog.  I just want to share the oldest memory of my own Valentine. Initially, I would like to share the biggest card I have received.  It is not a normal rectangular gigantic card but a mid-sized card that when you open it, it become really big.  It was also trimmed differently. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it in my phone and it was kept in my treasure box in Laguna. But I promise to share it to you when I go home (in Laguna). For now, I am sharing this instead.  I have received this cutie bear together with a jewelry box and 2 little figurines for my neice (Sweety Babe) from Mabuest with Love.  It's one of the thoughtful deeds that put smiles on my lips whenever I remember.

     ...and I am missing...  :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving Myself More

     My previous  weight-loss diet can be described as rollercoaster. I loss or gain weight at my own comfort zone.  It was really the least priority in my life.  I live and love my lifestyle presuming that my special someone will love me just as I am. I mean, it's part of my package.

     Actually, I am just a simple person who can eat any food, explore any place, dress anything (not for fashion), don't wear makeups, etc.  I live happily at my own comfort.  I don't really mind what people think of my style.

     But in reality, I really need to level up.  Yssa, my friend, is the great influence and inspiration to this facet of my life.  On top of everything else, it is just to love myself more. Today, I would like to start this journey with my avid readers and friends.

     From this moment, I will avoid the following food: softdrinks, instant fruit juices, junkfoods, candies/sweets, cakes, chocolates and ice creams

     OMG!  How can I give up my chocolates and ice creams?  How long can I go on without my favorites?  Of course, I won't die but abstaining from it is the greatest hurdle I have to face in this phase one of weight-loss diet.  Well, I can call this journey as Loving Myself More.  Okey, it's a deal that I will stick to this plan for at least 6 months.  But it's also a deal that I won't deprive myself for any cravings so that I can go longer for this purpose.  So, I will give myself an indulgence once a month for the cravings.  Of course, at a small/reasonable servings.  To my beloved chocolates and ice cream, please see me next month.  And please don't beg to see me more often because I will not be tempted.  Hehehe

My new journey has just begun... ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unlimited internet with limitations

Disclosure:  This is not a paid advertisement but solely an opinion/review of the writer.

     Having our own computer is now a necessity. For students, it's easier to make researches and to do their projects. And for the employed or self-employed, it's also a medium to improve ourselves, if not a primary source of income.  We can just install any program to learn more things.  Thus, it's not just a reason of networking or a hobby (like viewing youtube). There are hundred more reasons for everybody.  But having a computer is not enough for those purposes.  We need a reliable internet connection, wired or wireless.  Actually, I opted for the prepaid wireless (broadband).  It's not my primary source of income and it's practical for me to have a pre-paid.

     The first broadband that I had is borrowed from my cousin (when she went abroad to work). SMART Broadband - but it's just up to 1 mbps and it's too slow. I don't know if it's because of signal or my computer. But then, my smart mobile (same service provider) have a very good signal and my computer is newly purchased.  So, it's really because of the broadband.  And when I inquire about it, the normal speed is up to 3.6 mbps already (though, actual is in kbps only).  Actually, as I am writing this, the service providers are now selling broadbands with speed of up to 5mbps.

     Anyway, I lost patience with the Smart Broadband and bought the Globe Broadband. For practicality,  I always enroll to Unlimited Surfing for 24 hours whenever I surf the web.  And I share it to my sister (who is not yet that addicted to FB and google search) and to my brother's-in-law 2yr-old nephew (who are addicted to youtube's cartoon and educational clips).  But I'm having problem with this Globe Broadband also. If you're fond of youtube (or other movieclips), then, you'll consume greater mb than normal searches. And if your consumption reaches 800mb, Globe will send you an advisory stating this:  Ur data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Ur remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity. U may opt to forfeit ur remaining subscription to browse for P5/15 or register to other promos... OMG!  It's not unlimited surfing, afterall.  How can it be unlimited if there's some limitations. Aside from frequent surprises of capturing (or debiting) some of my prepaid loads. Arggghhhh....

     Now, I am trying to sell my Globe Tattoo but noone wants it.  Actually, Sun Broadband still gives a better promotion i.e Php100 for 3 days UNLIMITED INTERNET, where the normal is Php50/day unlimited internet.` But for now, I'm keeping it till I feel that I have recovered the cost of my investment... I mean, in buying it before changing the service provider. ;) Unless, you want to have it.  I can offer you a very low residual value.  :)
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