Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving Myself More

     My previous  weight-loss diet can be described as rollercoaster. I loss or gain weight at my own comfort zone.  It was really the least priority in my life.  I live and love my lifestyle presuming that my special someone will love me just as I am. I mean, it's part of my package.

     Actually, I am just a simple person who can eat any food, explore any place, dress anything (not for fashion), don't wear makeups, etc.  I live happily at my own comfort.  I don't really mind what people think of my style.

     But in reality, I really need to level up.  Yssa, my friend, is the great influence and inspiration to this facet of my life.  On top of everything else, it is just to love myself more. Today, I would like to start this journey with my avid readers and friends.

     From this moment, I will avoid the following food: softdrinks, instant fruit juices, junkfoods, candies/sweets, cakes, chocolates and ice creams

     OMG!  How can I give up my chocolates and ice creams?  How long can I go on without my favorites?  Of course, I won't die but abstaining from it is the greatest hurdle I have to face in this phase one of weight-loss diet.  Well, I can call this journey as Loving Myself More.  Okey, it's a deal that I will stick to this plan for at least 6 months.  But it's also a deal that I won't deprive myself for any cravings so that I can go longer for this purpose.  So, I will give myself an indulgence once a month for the cravings.  Of course, at a small/reasonable servings.  To my beloved chocolates and ice cream, please see me next month.  And please don't beg to see me more often because I will not be tempted.  Hehehe

My new journey has just begun... ;)


  1. Congrats on your decision! There's nothing wrong with being yourself, as well as being conscious with your overall well-being. There should be a balance of how you see yourself and as to how others see you too. It's true that you can't judge a book by its cover, but the cover is what first attracts a reader to pick a book from a shelf and read the synopsis, right? ;)

    Tip #1: You don't have to totally avoid those foods. You can still eat those but just in moderation. Choose a cheat day where you can eat those sweets in moderation, so that you don't deprive yourself, which may make you binge eat more ;)

    Go, go, go on your journey!

    PS: Paki-add daw po yung badge/link ni Beki Mae dito :D Salamat!

  2. Thanks, KM :* top supporter talaga kita in all facets of my life {hugzzz} Thanks for the additional tips as well. Di ko pa kayang sundan ang yapak mo with your extreme diet ;) hehehe

    Congrats with ur alter ego... natawa ako dun more than your extra room for happiness hehehe beking-beki talaga... and still, you have time for everything... OMG ka talaga!


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