Sunday, August 21, 2011

Resume Writing Tips

Writing a good and inviting CV (or Resume) is always a struggle not only to fresh graduates but also to those who are looking for a new opportunity or a good job. It is the first step to get noticed and be invited for initial job interview.

Honestly, I change my CV many times before I start job hunting. I want to fall in love with my CV first before distributing it to prospective employers.

Here’s my general rule that you may wish to follow:

· Use good quality paper and clean print out of your CV. Don’t use the glossy paper, it is just sending a negative impression like sugarcoating your CV. It’s our aim to get noticed but not negatively. Always remember that it’s more important to have a GOOD SUBSTANCE rather than the GOOD FORM of your CV.
· Use clean format. The division of each category should be clear and decipherable.
· Use standard font size 12 and font Times New Roman for details. Make sure that the subheadings are in the same font and size also.
· All categories should be in chronological order – from latest to earliest.
· Check and re-check the spelling and grammar mistakes, including the consistency of your punctuations. Also, check the consistency of your verb usage. In Job Profile, for example, be consistent in using Present Tense, Past Tense or Gerund. Better yet, ask someone you trust to check it for you. You may overlook some mistakes in your first and second checking.

Always remember this general rules. It will help you a lot in one way or another. Remember, it’s better to correct any mistake earlier than realizing it while waiting for your final interview. Most interviewers will not correct it or give feedback about it. How unfortunate it can be, not knowing why you are rejected.

If you’re a fresh graduate, you will more likely emphasize your achievements in school (Dean’s list, affiliation, sports and other activities) but once you get a work experience, you showcase your related work experience to your desired position.

Here’s my suggested sequence of CV categories and some valuable tips:

1. OBJECTIVE –Be concise. This should be specific and related to the position you are applying for. Avoid using a template.

2. CORE PROFESSIONAL STRENGHTS – This is a summary of your qualification and strengths.

3. JOB EXPERIENCE (format below)
· Position, Tenure
· Company Name & Address
· Company Profile (type of business, products or services, scope of business)
· Significant Accomplishments
· Job Profile (preferably, use past tense verbs – it’s more powerful like managed, controlled, improved, reviewed, proposed, worked, prepared, etc.)

4. EDUCATION (format below)
· Course, Year Graduated
· School & Address
· Recognition and Awards , if any

· Achievements in sports or academic; Licenses, etc.
· Title, Date, Rate (only if you’re confident to expose it)

· Course Title
· Sponsoring Organization
· Date Taken

· Technology skills (MS Office, software, etc.) – if you don’t know MS Word and MS Excel or any open-space application similar to that, then, it’s time for you to study and master it.
· Business Letter writing skill

· Show your balance lifestyle like activities in sports, time with family & friends and, continuous development of your skills
· Example – Bowling, Badminton, Computers, Blogging, Board games, Gardening, etc.

· Birthdate
· Address
· Cellphone – make sure that it is updated. Preferably one landline and one mobile number.
· Email – Reference should be a business-like email also. Like and not this one –
· Website – This proves more of your writing skills and being a contemporary person. NOTE: Just make sure that It must contains a business-like image and not too personal or may be scandalous.
· Limit personal information like height, weight, religion, parent’s name, etc. It’s not something you want to emphasize in your CV. And this should not be the reason why you get hired.

10. ATTESTATION – certifying all the information provided are true. Don’t ever forget to sign over your printed name.

With above general rules, valuable sequence and tips, I am very sure that you can now write your good and inviting CV. Know your qualifications well. Emphasize more on qualification related to the desired position you are applying for. Since you know yourself more than anybody, you are the better person who can sell your qualifications than anybody else.
Good luck & Godspeed!


  1. I've learned new points especially size of font must be 12.....

  2. Naks! Thanks, Sir Tom, for dropping by :)

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