Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you happy?

     OMG! The first time that I have heard this question from my BFC (Best Friend Cousin), I was intimidated.  Was I? I also haven't asked myself yet (that time).  And why is she asking such question when she knows almost everything about me?  I made a deep reflection about it and become aware of how I share my feelings, too. I share the stories to people close to me but not my emotion. I, myself, am passive with challenges (or negativity) in life.  I am good at ignoring the negative feelings and even people.  And I am fine with it.

    And this is one of the most appreciated gestures from my BFC.  She understands my silence and as always, she wants to bring out the deepest emotions of mine...  By the way, we are also different in so many ways. My normal mood is serious while she's wacky (most of the times). But RESPECT, LOVE and TRUST was engraved deeply for each other.

    Thence, if only the stories are being shared, we also ask more for the emotion... :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's the color of your heart today?

     Whenever my BFF (from college) and I keep in touch with each other, there's one common question being asked everytime. What's the color of your heart today? It's fun to explore the rainbow and relate it to every facets of your life, by the way.  Now I have realized that it's been half a decade already that I have represented it with "RED" and "BLUER THAN BLUE". But most of the time, it is "SKY BLUE", "PINK" or "BABY PINK".  Aside from the fact that this is my favorite color, this also represents a healthy and happy heart.  But lately, I am thinking of changing my preference to a "YELLOW", the color of enlightenment ;).

    On the other hand, my BFF (or MaChere as we call each other) is previously consistent of representing her heart as "BLACK & WHITE".  And I am happy that since last year, she got out from her cave to explore the other wonderful colors of the rainbow.

     However we live our life, we always try to enjoy everything along the journey and live life to the fullest.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

True Friendship

     The meaning of friendship varies from every individual.  And surely, we define it based on how we see/do things.  But first, we have to look deeper if we put qualification to friendship. This is why I was stuck at my facebook friend's wall. She defines it through the benefits one can gain with it.  Thus, with strong contradiction, I am writing this to share my stand.

     Every friendship starts with mere acquiantances.  You get to know deeper and deeper by sharing both of your lives.  You invest time and emotion for it to grow.  Then, you share more with affection and trust.  This is the level of true friendship for me.  It's not just about the comfort level in the relationship but  rather the love and trust that make it to the level of friendship.

     Friends are our kindred spirits.  Because of our love for our friends, we are willing to give our support or comfort when they need. But it's not the other way around (let me reiterate:  it's not the other way around ;) ) We become a friend not because of the benefits that we can get but rather we share the love (support or comfort) because they're our friend.  It's just similar to taking care of our little sister/brother.

     Ergo, my only qualification is SINCERITY and not the STATUS SYMBOL. I have friends in different walks of life and I am growing with all of them.  Part of me is left with them and vice versa... and I will always treasure beautiful friendships with them.

 Surezelle Compagnie

Surezelle Compagnie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Totus Tuus

     Last October 29, 2011, around 10,000 Filipinos were gathered at Araneta Coliseum for the event (BLESSED: A CALL TO HOLINESS) to honor the beloved universal pastor, Blessed John Paul II.  I attended the said event with my 2 siblings and a brother-in-law.  Now, I am inspired to write another tribute to his Holiness.

    Karol Josef Wojtyla (JP2 or John Paul II) was born on 18 May 1920 to Karol Wojtyla and Emilia Kaczorowska in Wadowice, Poland.  His mother died when he was 8. All his siblings also died before the death of his father in 1941. He was already an orphan at the age of 20.

     He began thinking about priesthood after his father died.  He entered the seminary and he was ordained priest in 1946.  Following the death of Pope John Paul I, he was elected pope, the first non-Italian in centuries.

     JP2 has been pope for over 26 years.  By the time of his death in 2005, JP2 had visited 126 countries, beatified 1,340 people, canonized 483 saints, wrote 14 encyclicals, etc..  He left us teachings, encouragement and an example of how it is to be holy during these modern era.

     It is fortunate to Filipinos that JP2 visited our country twice: in 1981 and in 1995.  In his first visit, he addressed professionals and catechists at the very same place (Araneta Coliseum).  A great reflection that I want to share with you also, "You have a twofold calling, in the first place, you have to meet your personal needs and those of your families, through the exercise of your professions.  In this you have sometimes experienced difficulties and frustrations and perhaps even discouragement.  And yet you must not give up, knowing as you do that you are also called upon to make your contribution to the service of the common good.  When things are going well, never shut yourselves off from the society for the sake of making money, gaining power or acquiring more knowledge; do not retreat into a position of privilege.  May you put your talents to good use by serving  even more  generously the needs and aspirations of all your brothers and sisters in the Philippines.", -JP2 said.

      In his second visit, he offered mass at the Luneta Park for the WORLD YOUTH DAY to approximately 5-7 million crowd.  It was considered the largest single gathering in Christian history.

     By the way, he also noted two great blessings we, Filipinos, have (and of which I am very proud of):  1) Richness of our faith and 2) closeness of our family.

     TOTUS TUUS is JP2's apostolic motto which means "totally yours". He encourages us to be strong  to do things in God's glory.  Do not be afraid to be extraordinary. And always be grateful in whatever way because that will bring out the love of God.

TOTUS TUUS, my only GOD!

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