Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Fetish Love

Ever since I see your peel,
Deep within this heart I feel,
The emotion that I cannot deal, 
My fetish love that's for real.

I love to touch the skin you have,
It is so smooth and silky and suave,
And your smell is a passionfruit for me,
That's my great admiration to thee.

But when I burn up your ecstasy,
You give me that little fantasy,
Then, you've been melting helplessly,
Leaving the fragrance of a blackberry.

If again I wanted to smell or touch you,
I need a close room to hide you,
And I have to outlay my money,
Just to have your company.

Maybe you are loved by your pinkish color,
And that lovely passionfruit-like odor,
But you are not a genuine afterall,
Because you are just a scented candle.

{a poem made due to addiction to pink scented candles  hehehe that's a decade ago, btw)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Trouble of a Fake Resume

     We all need jobs to sustain our needs and wants (unless, of course, we are already living from our passive income).  And in finding a job for a longer time, we may become desperate or simply in getting the dream job that we want. Some of us may overstate our skills or may lie about our work experiences.  But we have to realize that jobhunting is a mutual search.  We are looking for a company that may help us with our career goals and the company is also looking for a staff that can improve their overall value (which, of course, can be converted to a Profit).

     When we lie about our skills and what we want, we end up getting the inappropriate job for us.  I just met someone who overly sugarcoated her CV and surely, she prepared to be an eloquent candidate during interviews. She gets job easily but work became difficult for her due to lack of experience (or expertise).  Also, interviewers assess if candidates fit to their work milieu.  If we try to please the interviewers of things that we are not, we will just become one of the whiners that they may hire.

     Of course, a company is not an exemption. They will also not tell you the struggles or issues about the company.  Advertising always portrait a positive image. And you will accept the offer only to find out that you made a wrong choice if not a good option. Thus, it's our duty to be careful and attentive, too.  Honestly, I am also trying to learn things about this until now.

     Generally, we only have power over the things that we have a control of.  And it's about the CV that we presented and the honesty or  sincerity with our answers during the interviews.  Of course, I can't force you not to lie but I would like to advise you instead.  If you want to claim that you are adept or have an experience on something, then, you have to study or master those things, too.  (Hoping that my blogsite will not be blocked for advising you these things, too. Aahhmmpppfff...)

     Actually, what I really want to impart is this, if no lies or pretentions,  then, you will not get caught or trapped.  Life is more simple and you will get a better sleep at night and peace of mind.

     Have a peaceful life, everyone!  ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finance 101

photo from google

     Everybody has a goal for financial freedom.  And understanding our finances plays a major role to its success. Let me share some helpful ideas:

     Basically, there are 2  types of income:  Active & Passive.  Active income is the income that we generate by giving our services actively.  The best example for this is our salary. We give our time and effort to receive the active income.  Passive income, on the other hand, is the income that we receive "while we are sleeping". Examples are rental income, royalties income, interest income, etc.  Having an active income is just a short term goal, but accumulating passive income generating assets is our long term goal. Our attitude towards this long term goal determines how fast we can be financially free.
In Accounting point of view, we have to accumulate Income-Producing assets and not liabilities.  Let me discuss further.  We always love to buy things ie gadgets.  In buying, we should consider our necessity and its benefits. Should we buy a high-end phone for necessity or just for a status symbol?  Buying a car is one example of accumulating a liability. When we buy car, we are buying more expenses also like gas, toll fees, repairs/maintenance, etc.  Unless, you buy car to rent it out.  Another example from personal experience, I love reading books but quality books are quite expensive. What I did to sustain my hobby is I let friends to rent/borrow it for Php50/week. I am earning at the same time helping them to learn more in life. Cool, isn't it?

     So the next time you buy for something, ask yourself - Is it your necessity or just a luxury?  Of course, this is not applicable to people who are financially free already.  And if you are, you should not be reading this blog of mine, too. ;)  Happy planning...  :)

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