Monday, August 22, 2011

All About Love

10 important things I have learned about love…

1. First Love never dies, inasmuch as it stays like a Legend.
2. A great love highly values respect – consistently.
3. A man in great love can cross the mountains and swim the seas (figuratively). He will make a way.
4. You are WORTHY of a happy heart. Moreover, love will make you happier – the heart of his life.
5. Keeping some mysteries and surprises is better.
6. Giving unconditional love is very hard (truly, madly, deeply...).
7. True love stays at your side through UPs & DOWNs.
8. The cure for the heartache is another heart. So, do not linger on lost love for a long time.
9. The greatest love story is always your OWN – not the PAST but the PRESENT.
10. Love transcends everything.


  1. they say, LOVE when it leaves - it's all up to you.... if what u gonna do... but sometimes the tears were just flooding your eyes that making you blind.. nah!! broken hearted lang!

  2. PS, the tears of the heart is more painful than that of eyes... but then, love transcends everything... so, if it pulls us down, I don't think that it is really love ;)

  3. sweet couple, keep the love on fire all the time Sis, being in love is the best feeling ever :-), visiting for PF, hope you can visit me back here too


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