Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boss, statue? (Boss, is that you?)

Learning traffic in business world today is changing. In previous decades, it is just a downward approach but nowadays, it can also be an upward approach. Of course, I am talking about vertical learning traffic only. Because this is the most uncomfortable level. The horizontal approach will always be an all-time favorite. You can ask help or advice from co-workers comfortably.

It is expected that whenever you commit mistakes, your boss will call your attention or advice you whenever you need it (downward approach). But what if, it’s your boss who needs to be corrected this time? Is the upward learning approach acceptable? Is it healthy? Well, it really depends on the ego of your boss, how you do it and the office politics. Let me share to you the 3 different bosses that I know.

When I am still a rank & file, I have this co-worker (higher than me but not my direct superior). She made this incorrect (accounting) journal entry in previous month that year. And when I have to make my entry related to that, I have noticed it and call her attention. She instructed me to just use her journal entry to close it. I was idealistic that time and I really told her that it’s incorrect way of doing so. Unfortunately, I have hurt her ego and we really never became friends.

Second boss I know is a real headache! Even if you’re not a perfectionist, you can notice various spelling and grammar mistakes in her email. But I have learned KKK constructive criticisms. (Kiss, Kick, Kiss – Praise first before criticizing, then, praise again) I let her save her face, even if at times, at my expense. There are also times that I take things as it is. And despite of these, I still give my sincerity, respect and submission to her because she’s still my boss. The irony of it all, we became real friends when we both left the company.

The third boss became my boss when the former boss resigned. And since he is still new with the responsibility, I helped him familiarize with the particular report that is due for submission. And I had a free lunch at Amici (an Italian Resto) that day. Although, that free lunch is highly appreciated, there’s so much more with this third boss. He is also open and appreciative to new learning. He is the most sincere boss that I have known. He taught me that any boss is also a human being, someone I can cry or laugh with. I have utmost respect to this third boss; he’s a real great leader. And of course expectedly, he became my ALL-TIME favorite and most loved BOSS.

We may meet similar boss just like the 3 bosses above. Whoever, we have to give respect to them despite of their weakness. Always remember that a boss has all the right to be one. And since we are all created as imperfect individuals, let us tolerate imperfections if we can. And copy only the positive characteristics from people we meet. As for me, I want to be like the third boss when I get to that level!

{Special thanks to RRR, for inspiring me to be a great leader, too.}


  1. Yes, tissue ! (it's you) ;)

  2. hehehe :) I will not divulge who's boss #1 and #2. I won't confirm nor deny any speculations, too. :) Thanks for your comments, KM :)

  3. sorry ngayon ang ako nakarating dito, daming pinuntahan..hehehe... sa wakas my blogspot kana... gee time


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