Thursday, August 25, 2011

Important Work Habits

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Why do you work?  Have you ever asked yourself this question? I am pretty sure that all your answers are related to providing or offering something to your love ones. Let it be your parents, family, children, girlfriends/boyfriends or whatever the case may be. Do you plan to be successful in your chosen career? Well, I hope so. And if your answer is DEFINITY YES, here’s the list of important work habits that will help you be more successful.

Punctual – Always be on time in everything (attendance, reports, meeting, etc.).  I have met so many people who are not really that excellent in work but they are loved by their supervisors. This is because punctuality also shows reliability.

Organized – Not all of us possess this skill. But it’s worth to be important, also.  This reminds me of my staff in previous job. She is really organized and I can depend on her always. Thus, she is valued greatly.

Interpersonal – You should build rapport not only with your department or company but with external parties as well.  It is always easier and more comfortable to work with friends. It also fosters teamwork and/or cooperation. Thus, it will be faster to get things done. This is a seasoning in business world.

Office Etiquette - This is the most disregarded work habits from staff to executive levels. One example is writing an email with BCC (Blind carbon copy).     Can you trust your colleague or boss doing this?

Responsibility – Do your duties because it is the least expectation from you. It is better if you can do it earlier or faster. Some people has a delaying tactics to show that they are “as if” busy. If you do this, you will get only raising eyebrows.  Also, be initiative in doing follow-ups, if needed.

Expertise – Know all the rules. Understand all the instructions. And be efficient in whatever you do.  If you don’t know something, study and master it. My previous manager noted me as someone who has “superpowers” in MS Excel. She relied to me so she gave me one of her confidential work that needed my superpowers in MS Excel.  I am happy and honored that she have entrusted it to me.  So, you will never know any missed opportunity in learning more and mastering it.

Sometimes, I also fail in some of this work habits but I make sure to improve continuously on it.  Because I believe that this can be my valuable weapons not only in climbing the corporate ladder but also being happy and contented. I am pleased that in every work, I have done it the best way I can.  I also hope that this can help you be more successful as you can be. Stay inspired!


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