Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Darn Stupid Love

                                                                                                                                   We may have uncommon aphorisms every now and then. And it usually emerge when one is deeply in love or deeply hurt.  So what are we exploring - the craziest emotions or the craziest thoughts?  Whatever it may be, I still want to share few of my aphorisms on darn stupid thing called love... (peanut bitter! Hehehe)  Here's my 7 stupid facts:

  • The one who love more is a loser. Just give a percent lower than what you are receiving.
  • Missing someone will take you to nowhere except in dreams.
  • Everything is not as it seems.
  • Pain is always part of that stupid love package.
  • You can do all the stupidity in life but never in love.
  • It takes forever to forget someone,but just disregard the memory.  It is just a memory.
  • Being friend with ex is the most stupid idea ever invented.

So, what do you think?

Friday, September 14, 2012

North Luzon Adventures: Itinerary & Travel tips

      We planned to visit various places in North Luzon for just 4 days without compromising our vacation-spirit adventures & relaxation. Places we wanted to see are as follows: Vigan, Batac, Laoag, Sarrat, Piddig, Pagudpud (Saud & Maira-ira).  So, if you are a group of 3 pax and wanted to explore North Luzon by simply commuting, I have the best travel tips for you.

August 17: Friday
8:45pm – GV Florida bus from Sampaloc to Bantay (Alight at Caltex Gasoline Station at around 5am)

August 18: Saturday: Stayed at Bantay Health Center (next to Bantay Police Station) up to 6am. We had our breakfast there.
6:00am – Walked to Bantay Church & Bantay Bell Tower
7:00am – Trike to Calle Crisologo/Heritage Village
7:30am – Trike to Pagburnayan Jar Making
                Trike to Baluarte Open Zoo
                Trike to Maverick Weaving
                Trike to Crisologo Museum
                Trike to Syquia Mansion               
10:00am – Trike to Padre Burgos Museum
                (Walk) Plaza Burgos
                (Walk) Vigan/St. Paul Cathedral
                (Walk) Plaza Salcedo – A taste of Vigan Empanada
11:00am – Trike to Bantay Highway
1:00pm – Marcos Mansion & Mausoleum
                A taste of Batac Empanada
3:00pm – Bus to Laoag
                (Walk) Laoag Museum (next to Laoag Capitol)
                (Walk) Tobacco Monopoly Monument
                (Walk) Laoag Sinking Tower
                (Walk) Laoag Cathedral
4:00pm – Early dinner at Mcdonalds
6:00pm – Trike to Laoag homestay

August 19: Sunday:
9:00am – Trike to Sarrat Jeepney Terminal
10:00am – Sta Monica Church and Sta Monica Park
10:30am – Jeep to Laoag
                 Trike to Paoay Jeepney Terminal
11:30am – Paoay Church
                Trike to Malacanang of the North/Batac Ti Amianan
                Overlooking Paoay Lake
                Paoay Sand Dunes
1:00pm – Jeep from Paoay to Laoag
2:00pm – Trike to Laoag Homestay
2:30pm – Trike to Saramsam Resto
               (Bagnet, Pinakbet Pizza & Ilocos Longanisa adventure)
4:00pm – Trike to Pagudpud Bus station
5:00pm – Burgos Highway
                Trike to/from Burgos Lighthouse
5:30pm – Bus to Kapurpurawan
                (didn't pursue since it’s getting late, opted to visit Bangui instead)
6:00pm – Jeep to Bangui
                Trike to Bangui Windmills
7:00pm – Bus to Pagudpud Highway
                Trike to Homestay

August 20: Monday: (planned to wake up at 6am to stroll along the beach but it mizzles in early morning so we opted to snore longer ahihihi)
8:30am – Municipal Beach Park (strolling & swimming at Saud)
11:00am – Brunch at Saud Homestay
12:00am – North Pagudpud adventures
                Kabigan Falls (allot 2 hrs: 30 minutes trek to the falls + swimming)
                Patapat Viaduct
                Agua Grande Park
                >>> Timangtang Rock Formation (just  few meters from Bantay Abot Cave)
                Bantay Abot Cave
                Blue Lagoon
                Dos Hermanos Island
5:00pm – Rest/Organized things at Blue Lagoon Homestay
6:00pm – Stroll along the Beach Blue Lagoon + Dinner (Paluto is usually served after an hour)

August 21: Tuesday:
8:30am – Breakfast
9:00am – Strolling the shore + swimming
10:30am –Ordered our Lunch, rest, eat and organizing our stuff
1:00pm –Trike to Pagudpud Highway (Dropped by Timangtang Rock Formation)
2:00pm –Alight at Kapurpurawan, Trike to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
4:00pm –Bus to Laoag
6:00pm –Arrived at Laoag 
             ---last itinerary (personal) before heading to bus station to Manila
11:30pm Bidding goodbye to North Luzon Adventures

 Vigan Travel Tips:  Bantay Church/Bell Tower should be the first travel destination since it is just 3 buildings away from the gasoline station. Baluarte Open Zoo opens as early as 6am also, it is best to visit it first.  Afterall, Baluarte is the farthest tourist destination within Vigan.

Batac/Paoay Travel Tips:  Batac is very near to Paoay also.  It is just 15 minutes travel thru jeepney. It can save you a great time and money to travel it simultaneously. Negotiate with tricycle driver for Paoay adventures (From Paoay Church to Malacanang of the North/Paoay lake and Paoay Sand Dunes and going back to Paoay Church or Laoag Jeep Terminal). For Paoay Sand Dunes, you have to allot a budget (at least Php1,500 for 30 minutes and Php2,500 for an hour) for the 4X4 car to bring you to the heart of sand dunes.

Sarrat Travel Tips: Allot 30 minutes waiting time in jeepney terminal

Pagudpud Travel Tips: Pagudpud is 2 hours travel from Laoag.  It is best to avail the tricycle travel package (Php600 each) for North Pagudpud and South Pagudpud.  For South Pagudpud Adventures, tourist destinations are quite farther from each other and you may spend more by commuting and negotiating with different tricycle drivers.  For North Pagudpud Adventures, don’t miss to swim (or soak yourself in a very cold and relaxing water from the falls. Don’t swim nearer the falls because you may compromise your safety with the (water) current. Blue Lagoon meals are usually Palutuan (you select the fish/meat that you want and they will cook it for you). You have to wait for an hour for the food to be served.

North Luzon Adventures: Budget & Expenses

Our budget is Php5,000/pax. And our expenses are inclusive of food, accommodation, transportation expenses, souvenirs and entrance fees.

Bus fare (Florida Bus – Sampaloc to Bantay) @750/pax                   Php2,250-
Bantay Tower Entrance fee (donation)                                                       20
Trike to Calle Crisologo                                                                                30
Trike to Pagburnayan Jar Making                                                                 30
***Trike (special negotiation for the rest of Vigan adventures)                   300
Baluarte picture with parrot donation                                                           20
Vigan Shirt souvenirs – 3 pcs.                                                                   300
Crisologo Museum Entrance fee (donation)                                                 20
Syquia Mansion Entrance fee (20/pax)                                                        60
Padre Burgos Museum Entrance fee (20/pax + tip 20)                                 80
Plaza Salcedo – Vigan Empanada                                                              219
                Empanada – 30 each
                Ukoy – 30 each
                Softdrinks – 13 each
Trike to Bantay Highway                                                                             40
Bus fare from Bantay to Batac (90/pax)                                                    270
Batac Empanda (35 each/ 2 softdrinks @13)                                            131
Bus fare from Batac to Laoag (25/pax)                                                      75
Laoag Museum (50/pax)                                                                           150
Dinner @ Mcdonalds                                                                                280
Trike to Homestay                                                                                       52
***Homestay rental - Laoag                                                                      1,000    
Total expenses – Day 1                                                                   Php5,327-

Trike to Sarrat Jeep Terminal                                                                     33
Jeep – Laoag to Sta Monica (Sarrat) 15/pax +15                                       60
Jeep – Sarrat to Laoag                                                                               45
Trike to Paoay Terminal (34/pax)                                                              102
***Trike from Paoay Church
    to Malacanang of the North/Paoay Lake/Sand Dunes                           250
Jeep to Laoag (34/pax)                                                                             102
Trike to Homestay                                                                                      33
Trike from Homestay to Saramsam                                                             33
Late Lunch at Saramsam                                                                           780
Water (35 each)                                                                                        105
Trike to Pagudpud Bus Terminal (2 tricycle)                                                50
Bus to Burgos, Pagudpud (40/pax)                                                            120
Trike to/from Burgos Lighthouse (50/way)                                                 100
Bus to Kapurpurawan                                                                                 50
Jeep to Bangui                                                                                             50
Trike to Bangui Windmill                                                                             100
Souvenirs                                                                                                  500
Bus to Pagudpud                                                                                         30
Trike from Highway to Homestay                                                                 70
Homestay Rental - Saud + breakfast 50/pax + 4 SM Light Beer              1,116
Total expenses – Day 2                                                                  Php3,729-

Souvenir – Saud Beach                                                                               180
Trike for North Pagudpud Tour                                                                    600
Kabigan Falls
                Environmental Fee – 10/pax
                Tour guide – 100 + 50 tip
                Snacks/Buko Juice + native food – 120                                        300
Dinner                                                                                                             877
Homestay Rental – Blue Lagoon                                                                     750        
Total expenses – Day 3                                                                       Php2,707-

Trike from Homestay to Pagudpud Highway                                                    100
Bus from Pagudpud to Burgos/Kapurpurawan – 40/pax                                 120
Trike to/from Kapurpurwan (200 + 20 tip)                                                       220
Snacks                                                                                                               60
Bus from Burgos to Laoag                                                                                 90
Snacks                                                                                                             275
Bus from Laoag to Quezon City (700/pax)                                                    2,100
Total expenses – Day 4                                                                       Php2,965-

BUDGET:  5K/pax                                                                                    Php15,000-
EXPENSES:                    Day 1                           Php5,327-
                                        Day 2                             Php3,729-
                                        Day 3                             Php2,707-
                                        Day 4                             Php2,965-                    Php14,728-
Savings***                                                                                                Php 272

***It’s so great to know that we travelled within our budget. Although, we have not negotiated some of the expenses. (Especially the South Pagudpud Tour, trike for Php600 is still the best option.)

In addition, the expenses presented is from Bus Terminal only. So, transportation from/to home, the dinner before the adventure and the snacks brought by my niece and nephew are not included.

North Luzon Adventures: Ilocos Special Empanada

       Last August 17 to 21, 2012, I’ve been to Ilocos.  I’ve seen a lot of places and I ate a lot of food, including the very popular – Ilocos Empanada.  I taste the Ilocos Empanada from different towns of Ilocos – Vigan, Batac, Laoag, Pagudpud and even the Empanada from Katipunan (QC).  I tried to eat all to know how good the empanada is.  
     Empanada is composed of 2 to 3 kinds of vegetables with egg and Ilocos longanisa (for the special one).  It is wrapped in a rice flour with orange food color and some seasonings.  The empanada is cooked by deep frying. 
     I want to describe the Empanada in a nice thought that I could, but I can’t.  I am wondering what is special in Ilocos Empanada, what is it?  Why is it very famous?  In trying the various empanada, there’s one thing that I am sure, that’s the name itself that I am paying for.  I said that because there is no special taste, no WOW factor! (Or I just expect too much for the taste). VIGAN EMPANADA:  It is just more of flour (light brown in color) and oily with vinegar dippings.  Actually, I don’t like vinegar and it is too oily, if you will eat the Vigan empanada, you have to drink softdrinks along with it to avoid the “Umay” (lose of appetite) factor and for me, single order is good for 2 persons.
BATAC EMPANADA: (the original and most famous): My Tita told me that I should not leave Batac without tasting it because for her, it is really good.  I am confused with the taste of it knowing that my Tita is very meticulous when it comes to tastes of the food.  And I became curious that she actually boasted it to me.  To stop my curiosity, I tasted the Batac Empanada and I can say, it is much better than the Vigan’s.  It is not salty but at the same time, not tasty.  But again, you need to have softdrinks with it but not as the craving for the softdrinks that I felt when I am eating the Vigan’s Empanada.
PAGUDPUD EMPANADA: It has the same color like Batac’s that’s orange in color. It has monggo beans and cabbage with a lot of MSG, an egg and longanisa. It’s good to eat the empanada while it is hot but again, nothing is really special with it.  I am really wondering. What’s there in empanada. I want to know, I want to satisfy my curiosity.

 LAOAG EMPANADA:  For the fourth time, in Florida Bus Station while waiting for our trip going home, my brother bought an empanada again. He actually likes it because of the free catsup. Yes, it taste better but the crust is thinner and it is messy even if it was put in a paper bag.  I ate only the fillings and left the crust in the paper bag. Again, I need softdrinks and I am full already.  
KATIPUNAN EMPANADA:  Actually, this is the last empanada that I have eaten. Popular Ilocos Empanada in Katipunan that my Tita bought after her work.  I like the crust but not the fillings. 
      After tasting the Ilocos Empanada from different suppliers, I can say that the only special ingredients is that one (1) whole egg – Nothing more, nothing less.  And since it is deep fried, it is oily that you will only crave for softdrinks.  And I believe that one serving is good for two.  
     Therefore, don’t expect for more “WOW” factor in Empanada because there’s nothing special on it.  It is just my curiosity to try the famous Ilocano food.  But then, you should try it, there’s may be special that you can find.  Unfortunately, it’s not the case for me.  Though, it is the cheapest way to feed my hungry tummy in a cowboy style (on my Ilocos adventures).

This is written by my neice, Keishel.  I am sharing the same sentiments also.  But as to its cost, I feel that it is expensive based on the ingredients used.  It costs Php30 to Php45 (Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud is the most expensive).  In addition, I personally disliked deep fried food and those wrapped with flour.  So, it may add the factor of not liking it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Treasured Angel

     Some people would say that we can't have a bestfriend at work or we can't earn real friendships.  Well, I'm grateful that I have so many beautiful friendships from my first job to the present.  And among them, there's somebody who have touched my life very deeply.  Let me share who she is...

     On her first work week, she requested my (should be) adjustment for a better communication between us.  It is an effect when she got sicked. And we cried several times together also.  The first time we shared our tears was on her first month (I still remember why..., for the record, it's not me!  lol).  In a short period, I have adore her for the courage and sincerity.

    She has a patient patient's story, a lady who are strong & determined and who never gave up. (I still have those files and videos.)

    She's patient at work, too. She has a lot of passion not only for the company but also for the community.  She is inspiring!  She's an Angel!

    She's mataray (frank & straightforward) for others, but I must say that she is tactful.  Those people need their own medicine sometimes.  ;)

    She calls me proactive at work but passive to criticisms (Oooppss!  How come you have evaluated me on lunch break? hehehe)

    She's my office confidante.  Always accompany me at Big Brother for lunch when I am deeply upset.  She have to spend more on lunch than our ordinary Jolly-Jeep* meals.

    Through the years, we shared so much not only about work matters but also with personal matters. Now, I have to thank those sleepless nights of pressures when we have to stay in a hotel to work. It's because we have some bonding moments before we sleep.  

Pleasure during Pressures ;-)

    It was great working with her. She's really a sincere, kind, thoughtful, passionate and truly a great friend.

    She is my BESTFRIEND at my previous workplace. And we continue to share the great friendship even after the tenure.

    Just in case you still don't know her, she's my treasured angel ... she's Mildred :)

Fun times together (I was sexier

*Jolly-Jeep literally means eatery in a jeep, which is usually found at the back of the tall buildings in Makati City.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Created Value from the Scrap

     Art is not my cup of tea but this will not stop me from exploring its beauty.  So when the barangay held its workshop, I didn’t have a second thought.  By the way, it’s about creating value from scrap materials. We made a jewelry box out of newspapers and jewelry out of colorful paperbacks.  As you have already noted in my previous blogs, I also am carrying my tag name in the workshop which is also popular to close friends and relatives – SEXY.  By now, you can do nothing about it but sigh!  Hehehe

     Hey, do you know that my paper necklace was noted as the best creation in the workshop?  Hehehe Yes! I am so proud of it.  Since it was the BEST, I gave it to my Momsy.  And I know, she’s keeping it along with her expensive jewelry…  ;)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Spoonful Diet


     It was Valentine’s Day 2011 when I teased the GM (one of my favorite bosses -ILS) to treat us with her favorite ice cream.  Honestly, I am just kidding but she really gave us that Valentine’s treat (Lucky for my fellow colleagues, too).  But after that instance, I became wary of throwing that kind of jokes to her.  It’s not because she don’t accept her staff kidding her but because I don’t want her think that I’m abusing her generosity.  We also had few bonding moments and it is all worth remembering.  By the way, we also have shared one addiction – that is eating our “The white hat” favorites.  I just can’t get enough of it, so, one time, I really tried eating 1 pint of its blueberry ice cream alone.  Argghhhh, let me reiterate the last word “ALONE”.  Hey, excluding the spoon, of course!  Hehehe Do you think, I have eaten the spoon, too?  Well, I kept some and took a photo as proof! Hehehe  Kidding aside, I just started collecting the spoon also.  Please don’t scold me, co’z it’s nice to see, is it not?

Monday, April 30, 2012

My Penning Collection

     Everybody has his own fondness on a certain thing/s.  Surely, you have your own addictions, too.  Anyway, I have started sharing things in my previous blog (Hearts:Shooting the Moon) what got me addicted.  And I would like to share more of my addictions. Here it is: My Penning collection!

     Yes, I love writing & making personalized cards and so, I just love pens, too.  But when I got some unique pens/pencils, I just can’t throw it away when the ink is empty. Henceforth, I started collecting it.  And one odd thing about me now is that whenever I receive a gift of a pen, I never use it.  It is kept directly to my treasure box of pens.  Who knows, I may have glass cabinets for my addictions someday.  Yeah, right! I am having another wishful thinking…  J

myShare for:  Happiness is


Sunday, April 22, 2012

HEARTS: Shooting the Moon

     Why we play games?  Is it really for entertainment or a window for addiction? With so many available games online, in the network or in a file, any kind of computer games is within our reach at any time now.  And I knew no man playing window games like Minesweeper nowadays. It's not just because they don't know how to play it.  Perhaps, because it's not as popular as Plants vs Zombies or Angry Birds.

     Well, I wish to share the window games that I have been addicted to.  Yes, you have read it right!  I really got addicted on it.  HEARTS! Ooopppss! It's not about love, by the way.  But of course, you can relate it to the game somehow. You will try to give up everything just to have the Heart. Aww!!! Hehehehe!

How is it played:  You just need to get the lowest score in every round. And if one player reaches 100, then the lowest scorer is the winner. If you get Queen of Spades and all the Hearts, then you have SHOT the MOON which means that 26 points will be given to all your opponents.
SCORING: Queen of Spades = 13; Every Heart card = 1.

Here's the screenshot of my addiction. And what is lower than Zero?  Yeaaahhhhh!  I just got the perfect score on it!  Try it sometime, too :)  What can you really give up just to have the Heart?  Hehehe


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aphorisms - Something borrowed

>>> It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.
-Theodore Roosevelt

>>>Can I substitute "U" with my "X"? But please don't ask me "Y" co'z you will only "Z".

Actually, I have so many things to share, yet, I have not written any blog about it. I am just preoccupied of so many "NOTHINGNESS" for the meantime. But I will be back soon... 


What is LOVE? Is it YOU :)

I carry you in my heart... as always! And I fervently wish to re-discover all the meanings of love with... 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Counter-Offer: The substance over form

     Most resignation letter have a common parting words "irrevocable resignation".  And the fun part of this - a great number of it can also be revoked.  Well, let's face it, resigning from a certain job is one of the hardest thing to do.  We will stop seeing everyday the people that we have valued & colleagues that became our friends  and the other great opportunities within the organization will also cease.  This is always true even if we have the valid reasons to leave.

     Behind those valid reasons to leave, there are also  good grounds to stay.  Sometimes, a pat on a shoulder or a sincere conversation can be just enough to stay.  I can attest to this when a well-respected person have stopped me from transferring to another department.  You know, my respect and trust to that person and love for the colleagues are the good grounds for me to stay more patiently in the same department. I was counted on, afterall.

     But when the above ways are not as efficient anymore, the company will give an option - the COUNTER-OFFER. I'm not an expert in assessing a good counter-offer but I will be sharing to you  how I qualify things.

1.  Timing & consequences - When was it offered? A week after you tender your resignation or at your last few days?  If the company (HR/Boss) already have negotiated your extended stay then, it implies that they are already letting you go. But if after the acceptance of such, they talked to you again for another option, however great it can be, assess the sincerity of the offer.  Being happy at work cannot equates any monetary value.

2. Sincerity - Why you are being offered with such? Is it really a recognition of your value to the company?  Or they have recognized a less competent replacement and having you again will prevent failures? This is the most important factor  to me.  It is the point of regaining trust or losing it.  A good offer should recognize why are you resigning at the first place and work on compromising (or conceding) it.  Having a prepared (new) contract during informal  meeting without previous conversation or confirmation about the offer will only show a ONE-WAY communication.

3.  Actual Value - Wacky as it may sound, but I actually did my SWOT Analysis for the counter offer (SWOT = Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat). I look deeper to SUBSTANCE OVER FORM. Aside from SWOT, assess the monetary value of the offer.  With your new rate, will you still receive the same benefits like Overtime Pay?  If being offered as consultant, you will also lose all the statutory benefits (Employer's share on SSS, Insurance, etc.). What is stated in the contract, is it what is being offered (i.e. responsibility, etc.)?  Another thing, people normally accumulate leave credits during employment. Will you still earn leave credits? What about the savings on tax rates? Compute the financial equivalent of these lost benefits vs the counter-offer.  How long will the new engagement would be? You must always value a long-term engagement, too.

     When I received the counter-offer, I didn't give my answer right away.  I asked for a day to assess various factors as stated above. I am overwhelmed blurrily perhaps, so I need to go out the circle and look what's inside. But before doing that,  I asked for God's guidance with the decision that I am about to give. Honestly, the REALIZATION came more vividly to me after.

     With the particular counter-offer that I got, I left the office that day with positive answer, went to church to seek for guidance, got home with a probable negative answer, computed the actual value and slept with negative answer.  I am truly grateful that I have declined the offer. ;-)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Goodbyes on Resignation Letter

          At some point of your career, you want to leave the company for some valid reasons (professional/personal). A graceful exit from the company is the last good impression that you can leave and oftentimes, is the most remembered. Your resignation letter should be done in professional manner, too.  It's not the right medium to brag your accomplishments or express your sentiments or whines.  Whatever your reasons, your resignation letter should only contain 3 themes:

1.  Gratitute for the opportunity/experiences.  Even if the positive things was outweighed by the negative ones, express gratitude for those few positive things. You don't have to look back at negative things but rather, look forward.

2.  Reason.  The only reason you have to write is [a] career growth, [b] better opportunity or, [c] personal reasons.  You don't have to lie but if you have reasons other than [a] and [b], you just have to state [c]. Whatever you write in your resignation letter will be refered back to you in the future. Never badmouth your boss.  Don't worry because  the company/boss will recognize the real reason/s behind every resignation, even in your deep silence.

3.  Well wishes.  Wish the company more success and mean it.  You may asked me, "what for?".  I am a firm believer of the "Law of Attraction".  I believe that if you give good wishes sincerely, it will get back to you a hundred folds.

Don't worry on how your resignation is being handled.  Let bygones by bygones. Focus more on soaring high freely and the opportunity to have a better work milieu.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Behind Your Back

     As I am writing this, I wonder what people will say behind my back.  And surely, it's not the things that they can say to me upfront.  Because if they do, then, they won't talk behind my back, too.  Then, it will be a sort of re-telling some good conversation that we had because they're my friends somehow.  I'm sure, it happens to everybody. As the saying, "A dog barks only to a stranger" becomes a testament.

     Honestly, whatever I have said behind anybody.  Those are the things that I can also say to him/her directly.  The truth hurts but I believe that sincerity engraves a deeper trust.  I really am frank (ooopppsss! sincere and tactful rather) at my own right.

     If someone I know constantly talk about others behind their back, then, I have to qualify the language.  Why so?  It is because of a position, an object of fun, a strong personality, or a character?  Among the things, if it's the character of a person,  it's the person that I cannot trust.  I believe that such person can badmouth anybody (or everybody) including me. This person will have a harder time to really gain my trust. Remember, it's easier to deal civilly than to build rapport.

     Now, are you  wondering what people say behind your back? Who cares? You don't owe them any explanation.  Your life is not theirs to live unless you really are scandalous to norms.

    Let's not do any fun with other's imperfections or envious in what they have. Our own lives are gracefully beautiful. So, let's live happily with what we have. :-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(My) Someone like you

    Our moods or emotions can always be expressed with songs.  We may not discuss our personal struggles in details but there are songs that can really strike our hearts.

     My previous personal anthem was also Adele's song (Chasing Pavements).  But after a decade from where the budding love has started, I left that room and the door was finally locked.  Well,  the key was thrown at the deepest ocean, too.

    But, it seems just like yesterday.  And just like the lyrics "...No worries or cares, regrets and mistakes, they're memories made...", no bitterness is in store and it will stay merely a memory.    

   ...hey, this is just one of my heart's melodies to share ;)  Hope, you'll like it as much as I do.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can you fire your boss?

     Most of the business owners and big bosses that I have known have similar traits - Controlled emotion, Harmony & Compromising. As I observe, I have learned that these are just few things needed in business dealings - vertical or horizontal transactions.  We can't get all we want, all the time.  It's not always "YES" every time we ask.  But how we handle things will have a longer impact than we can think of.  A "NO" can somehow be transformed to a "YES" if we handled the previous answer harmoniously.

     Well, it's not really the exact things that i am looking for a company that I work with.  I can say "Yes" all the time under the rigid culture.  But of course, only if I'm in the right path and it's WORTH it all.  But as you know, everything has its consequences.

     What if you are not appropriately valued? Or treated just like "a worker that can be replaced anytime." And what if the owner tells your group these things? Or can you fire your boss or  the owner of the company you are working with? Most of us might have said "No".  Fortunately for me because I have different stand.

     Yes, we can fire them, too.  We are not carpets (or rags) to be stepped on.  We create value for them and so, we definitely deserve to be treated with such value and respect, also.  We may, as well, find another company where our contribution can be recognized and valued. And where we can be ourselves - growing and getting better as we go on...

     Ergo, always be gentle of your words because you will never know when will you ever EAT YOUR OWN WORDS.

     (My) Humility has its reservations, too!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Decade Older Valentine

     Valentines Day is celebrated every 14th of February all over the world :) It brings out different emotions related to love.  But I won't discuss that on this blog.  I just want to share the oldest memory of my own Valentine. Initially, I would like to share the biggest card I have received.  It is not a normal rectangular gigantic card but a mid-sized card that when you open it, it become really big.  It was also trimmed differently. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it in my phone and it was kept in my treasure box in Laguna. But I promise to share it to you when I go home (in Laguna). For now, I am sharing this instead.  I have received this cutie bear together with a jewelry box and 2 little figurines for my neice (Sweety Babe) from Mabuest with Love.  It's one of the thoughtful deeds that put smiles on my lips whenever I remember.

     ...and I am missing...  :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loving Myself More

     My previous  weight-loss diet can be described as rollercoaster. I loss or gain weight at my own comfort zone.  It was really the least priority in my life.  I live and love my lifestyle presuming that my special someone will love me just as I am. I mean, it's part of my package.

     Actually, I am just a simple person who can eat any food, explore any place, dress anything (not for fashion), don't wear makeups, etc.  I live happily at my own comfort.  I don't really mind what people think of my style.

     But in reality, I really need to level up.  Yssa, my friend, is the great influence and inspiration to this facet of my life.  On top of everything else, it is just to love myself more. Today, I would like to start this journey with my avid readers and friends.

     From this moment, I will avoid the following food: softdrinks, instant fruit juices, junkfoods, candies/sweets, cakes, chocolates and ice creams

     OMG!  How can I give up my chocolates and ice creams?  How long can I go on without my favorites?  Of course, I won't die but abstaining from it is the greatest hurdle I have to face in this phase one of weight-loss diet.  Well, I can call this journey as Loving Myself More.  Okey, it's a deal that I will stick to this plan for at least 6 months.  But it's also a deal that I won't deprive myself for any cravings so that I can go longer for this purpose.  So, I will give myself an indulgence once a month for the cravings.  Of course, at a small/reasonable servings.  To my beloved chocolates and ice cream, please see me next month.  And please don't beg to see me more often because I will not be tempted.  Hehehe

My new journey has just begun... ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unlimited internet with limitations

Disclosure:  This is not a paid advertisement but solely an opinion/review of the writer.

     Having our own computer is now a necessity. For students, it's easier to make researches and to do their projects. And for the employed or self-employed, it's also a medium to improve ourselves, if not a primary source of income.  We can just install any program to learn more things.  Thus, it's not just a reason of networking or a hobby (like viewing youtube). There are hundred more reasons for everybody.  But having a computer is not enough for those purposes.  We need a reliable internet connection, wired or wireless.  Actually, I opted for the prepaid wireless (broadband).  It's not my primary source of income and it's practical for me to have a pre-paid.

     The first broadband that I had is borrowed from my cousin (when she went abroad to work). SMART Broadband - but it's just up to 1 mbps and it's too slow. I don't know if it's because of signal or my computer. But then, my smart mobile (same service provider) have a very good signal and my computer is newly purchased.  So, it's really because of the broadband.  And when I inquire about it, the normal speed is up to 3.6 mbps already (though, actual is in kbps only).  Actually, as I am writing this, the service providers are now selling broadbands with speed of up to 5mbps.

     Anyway, I lost patience with the Smart Broadband and bought the Globe Broadband. For practicality,  I always enroll to Unlimited Surfing for 24 hours whenever I surf the web.  And I share it to my sister (who is not yet that addicted to FB and google search) and to my brother's-in-law 2yr-old nephew (who are addicted to youtube's cartoon and educational clips).  But I'm having problem with this Globe Broadband also. If you're fond of youtube (or other movieclips), then, you'll consume greater mb than normal searches. And if your consumption reaches 800mb, Globe will send you an advisory stating this:  Ur data subscription for today has reached 800mb. Ur remaining browsing hours will resume tomorrow subject to promo validity. U may opt to forfeit ur remaining subscription to browse for P5/15 or register to other promos... OMG!  It's not unlimited surfing, afterall.  How can it be unlimited if there's some limitations. Aside from frequent surprises of capturing (or debiting) some of my prepaid loads. Arggghhhh....

     Now, I am trying to sell my Globe Tattoo but noone wants it.  Actually, Sun Broadband still gives a better promotion i.e Php100 for 3 days UNLIMITED INTERNET, where the normal is Php50/day unlimited internet.` But for now, I'm keeping it till I feel that I have recovered the cost of my investment... I mean, in buying it before changing the service provider. ;) Unless, you want to have it.  I can offer you a very low residual value.  :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Fetish Love

Ever since I see your peel,
Deep within this heart I feel,
The emotion that I cannot deal, 
My fetish love that's for real.

I love to touch the skin you have,
It is so smooth and silky and suave,
And your smell is a passionfruit for me,
That's my great admiration to thee.

But when I burn up your ecstasy,
You give me that little fantasy,
Then, you've been melting helplessly,
Leaving the fragrance of a blackberry.

If again I wanted to smell or touch you,
I need a close room to hide you,
And I have to outlay my money,
Just to have your company.

Maybe you are loved by your pinkish color,
And that lovely passionfruit-like odor,
But you are not a genuine afterall,
Because you are just a scented candle.

{a poem made due to addiction to pink scented candles  hehehe that's a decade ago, btw)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Trouble of a Fake Resume

     We all need jobs to sustain our needs and wants (unless, of course, we are already living from our passive income).  And in finding a job for a longer time, we may become desperate or simply in getting the dream job that we want. Some of us may overstate our skills or may lie about our work experiences.  But we have to realize that jobhunting is a mutual search.  We are looking for a company that may help us with our career goals and the company is also looking for a staff that can improve their overall value (which, of course, can be converted to a Profit).

     When we lie about our skills and what we want, we end up getting the inappropriate job for us.  I just met someone who overly sugarcoated her CV and surely, she prepared to be an eloquent candidate during interviews. She gets job easily but work became difficult for her due to lack of experience (or expertise).  Also, interviewers assess if candidates fit to their work milieu.  If we try to please the interviewers of things that we are not, we will just become one of the whiners that they may hire.

     Of course, a company is not an exemption. They will also not tell you the struggles or issues about the company.  Advertising always portrait a positive image. And you will accept the offer only to find out that you made a wrong choice if not a good option. Thus, it's our duty to be careful and attentive, too.  Honestly, I am also trying to learn things about this until now.

     Generally, we only have power over the things that we have a control of.  And it's about the CV that we presented and the honesty or  sincerity with our answers during the interviews.  Of course, I can't force you not to lie but I would like to advise you instead.  If you want to claim that you are adept or have an experience on something, then, you have to study or master those things, too.  (Hoping that my blogsite will not be blocked for advising you these things, too. Aahhmmpppfff...)

     Actually, what I really want to impart is this, if no lies or pretentions,  then, you will not get caught or trapped.  Life is more simple and you will get a better sleep at night and peace of mind.

     Have a peaceful life, everyone!  ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finance 101

photo from google

     Everybody has a goal for financial freedom.  And understanding our finances plays a major role to its success. Let me share some helpful ideas:

     Basically, there are 2  types of income:  Active & Passive.  Active income is the income that we generate by giving our services actively.  The best example for this is our salary. We give our time and effort to receive the active income.  Passive income, on the other hand, is the income that we receive "while we are sleeping". Examples are rental income, royalties income, interest income, etc.  Having an active income is just a short term goal, but accumulating passive income generating assets is our long term goal. Our attitude towards this long term goal determines how fast we can be financially free.
In Accounting point of view, we have to accumulate Income-Producing assets and not liabilities.  Let me discuss further.  We always love to buy things ie gadgets.  In buying, we should consider our necessity and its benefits. Should we buy a high-end phone for necessity or just for a status symbol?  Buying a car is one example of accumulating a liability. When we buy car, we are buying more expenses also like gas, toll fees, repairs/maintenance, etc.  Unless, you buy car to rent it out.  Another example from personal experience, I love reading books but quality books are quite expensive. What I did to sustain my hobby is I let friends to rent/borrow it for Php50/week. I am earning at the same time helping them to learn more in life. Cool, isn't it?

     So the next time you buy for something, ask yourself - Is it your necessity or just a luxury?  Of course, this is not applicable to people who are financially free already.  And if you are, you should not be reading this blog of mine, too. ;)  Happy planning...  :)

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