Sunday, March 18, 2012

Behind Your Back

     As I am writing this, I wonder what people will say behind my back.  And surely, it's not the things that they can say to me upfront.  Because if they do, then, they won't talk behind my back, too.  Then, it will be a sort of re-telling some good conversation that we had because they're my friends somehow.  I'm sure, it happens to everybody. As the saying, "A dog barks only to a stranger" becomes a testament.

     Honestly, whatever I have said behind anybody.  Those are the things that I can also say to him/her directly.  The truth hurts but I believe that sincerity engraves a deeper trust.  I really am frank (ooopppsss! sincere and tactful rather) at my own right.

     If someone I know constantly talk about others behind their back, then, I have to qualify the language.  Why so?  It is because of a position, an object of fun, a strong personality, or a character?  Among the things, if it's the character of a person,  it's the person that I cannot trust.  I believe that such person can badmouth anybody (or everybody) including me. This person will have a harder time to really gain my trust. Remember, it's easier to deal civilly than to build rapport.

     Now, are you  wondering what people say behind your back? Who cares? You don't owe them any explanation.  Your life is not theirs to live unless you really are scandalous to norms.

    Let's not do any fun with other's imperfections or envious in what they have. Our own lives are gracefully beautiful. So, let's live happily with what we have. :-)

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