Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can you fire your boss?

     Most of the business owners and big bosses that I have known have similar traits - Controlled emotion, Harmony & Compromising. As I observe, I have learned that these are just few things needed in business dealings - vertical or horizontal transactions.  We can't get all we want, all the time.  It's not always "YES" every time we ask.  But how we handle things will have a longer impact than we can think of.  A "NO" can somehow be transformed to a "YES" if we handled the previous answer harmoniously.

     Well, it's not really the exact things that i am looking for a company that I work with.  I can say "Yes" all the time under the rigid culture.  But of course, only if I'm in the right path and it's WORTH it all.  But as you know, everything has its consequences.

     What if you are not appropriately valued? Or treated just like "a worker that can be replaced anytime." And what if the owner tells your group these things? Or can you fire your boss or  the owner of the company you are working with? Most of us might have said "No".  Fortunately for me because I have different stand.

     Yes, we can fire them, too.  We are not carpets (or rags) to be stepped on.  We create value for them and so, we definitely deserve to be treated with such value and respect, also.  We may, as well, find another company where our contribution can be recognized and valued. And where we can be ourselves - growing and getting better as we go on...

     Ergo, always be gentle of your words because you will never know when will you ever EAT YOUR OWN WORDS.

     (My) Humility has its reservations, too!

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