Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Decade Older Valentine

     Valentines Day is celebrated every 14th of February all over the world :) It brings out different emotions related to love.  But I won't discuss that on this blog.  I just want to share the oldest memory of my own Valentine. Initially, I would like to share the biggest card I have received.  It is not a normal rectangular gigantic card but a mid-sized card that when you open it, it become really big.  It was also trimmed differently. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it in my phone and it was kept in my treasure box in Laguna. But I promise to share it to you when I go home (in Laguna). For now, I am sharing this instead.  I have received this cutie bear together with a jewelry box and 2 little figurines for my neice (Sweety Babe) from Mabuest with Love.  It's one of the thoughtful deeds that put smiles on my lips whenever I remember.

     ...and I am missing...  :)



  1. huh! pati ikaw me bear din? ah huhuhu.. ako wala.. :(

  2. it's a small bear... at bigla kong naalala, 10+ year old na sya hihihi :D

    Don't worry, PS. Magkakaroon ka rin niyan from ABC XYZ :)

  3. Very nice present for valentines day.


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