Sunday, April 22, 2012

HEARTS: Shooting the Moon

     Why we play games?  Is it really for entertainment or a window for addiction? With so many available games online, in the network or in a file, any kind of computer games is within our reach at any time now.  And I knew no man playing window games like Minesweeper nowadays. It's not just because they don't know how to play it.  Perhaps, because it's not as popular as Plants vs Zombies or Angry Birds.

     Well, I wish to share the window games that I have been addicted to.  Yes, you have read it right!  I really got addicted on it.  HEARTS! Ooopppss! It's not about love, by the way.  But of course, you can relate it to the game somehow. You will try to give up everything just to have the Heart. Aww!!! Hehehehe!

How is it played:  You just need to get the lowest score in every round. And if one player reaches 100, then the lowest scorer is the winner. If you get Queen of Spades and all the Hearts, then you have SHOT the MOON which means that 26 points will be given to all your opponents.
SCORING: Queen of Spades = 13; Every Heart card = 1.

Here's the screenshot of my addiction. And what is lower than Zero?  Yeaaahhhhh!  I just got the perfect score on it!  Try it sometime, too :)  What can you really give up just to have the Heart?  Hehehe


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  1. never tried that but looks fun! visiting from happiness is..

  2. Same here, di ko pa na try yan! Thanks for the info!

    Happiness is...
    Lunch at Clawdaddy's

  3. Never tried it either, but yes it looks interesting. :) Visiting late via Hapiness Is.

    Adin B

  4. Inadik ko din 'to dati nung nasa Pinas pa ako. Mahilig din kasi ako maglaro ng cards ^^ Na-try mo na ba maglaro ng Gin Rummy? Ka-adik din yun! ^^

    Salamat sa pag link sa Happiness Is. Sa sunod ulit ;) Hugs!

  5. Interesting! I might play this one. Thanks!

  6. beautiful hearts, so love them :-) Dropping by from Happiness Is


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