Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jobhunting 101

From birth, we are dependent to our mother's love & care. When we become toddlers, our family became our only world. And as we grow older, we meet friends from playgrounds to school. After a long period of studying & sleepless nights of doing projects, we are, at last, receiving our diploma.

But what's next? Have we realize that the real world has just begun? We have to look for a job to prove our worth to our parents who brought us to school.

Jobhunting begins... Some of us may get some great opportunity in exploring our choosen career.And some accepts the offer in different path. But still, there are few who has become hapless in finding any job.

In your preparation for this endeavor, I will be sharing some tips that is may be helpful to you.

5Ps of Jobhunting success
1. Know your Passion. Is it the field of your studies? If yes, then, good for you. But for those who have different interests, be glad also that you have now realized your passion. Follow your heart. There are lots of training that can help you equipped for your passion.

2. Picture your future. What do you want to achieve? Is it being employed or being a businessman or both? Be clear of your vision/s in life.

3. Plan. Make a list of necessary steps to achieve your goals. How you do it and what is needed. For example, if you want to be a Manager, plan to have an MBA degree. Put deadlines in every steps. Unless, you want to be promoted only after rendering a decade of your service or worst, be promoted in your retiring years.

4. Pursue. Never say surrender. You may encounter lots of setbacks along your way and you may become weary or hapless. Just rest if you must but never quit. Remember the adage, "The quitter never wins and the winner never quits."

5. Praise God. He is Omnipotent. Offer everything to Him. Seek to be blessed with grateful heart. Faith can really move mountains. Have faith!

Good luck & Godspeed!

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