Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tidbit of my Rosy Life

     In one of my LOVE NOTES category, I commented in  WISH NO MORE that it will be the last poem that I will write for that love story. But wait, I said poem, right? J It’s because I have some thoughts to share today. Anyway, I have been there - I promise this, I swear that, but at some point, along the journey, I break it. But Great Love still holds true…  Arrrgggghhhh… what I am saying….  Actually, I just want to share this song, Chasing pavements by Adele: {This was shared to me also by my great friend.}

     After closing the windows, I open up doors but with reservations.  And just like the lyrics of the song, “I build myself up and fly around in circles.”  That’s it J  I hope you enjoy this song more than the tidbit of my rosy life.


  1. Cheers to your new jingle :)

  2. thanks, KM ;) ninanamnam ko pa rin... hihihi

  3. the person that God meant for you will eventually come in perfect time...

  4. Whew! Thanks, Rovie ;) I have faith for another "Grace" from God... :) still praying fervently.


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