Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Monthsary

     Due to the overwhelming views of my Miss Universe Q&A version, I have delayed for a while writing a new blog. But I always get excited in the idea of writing, blogging, networking …and most especially, earning passive income.  Hey, this will be part of my next blogs related to FINANCE & INVESTMENT.

     Today, I get excited on one thing – My first monthsary in Blogger.  Whew, it’s like I’m into blogging for so long now.  Actually, I started a blog site (for earning) in another domain but I didn’t pursue it after a month for some reasons and I transfer here in Blogger for good. So tomorrow is my FIRST MONTHSARY here in Blogger.  Yahoooooo!!!

     And for my first monthsary, I would like to dedicate this blog to few people that I treasure in my blogging life:

To my READERS - (Friends, acquaintances, and blog walkers) You simply inspire me to blog more. This I promise, I will choose to write quality blogs only. Readings that will only worth your time.

To my ever dearest Blogger Buddy, MORE THAN SEXY (KM) – My high school comrade who always shares her knowledge in blogging world. She always encourages me to blog more and watches happily over my baby steps in blogging, too.

Most of all, to my family and relatives – I wish to share my blessings unconditionally someday… baby steps for multiple streams of income will soon result to our financial freedom J

And with all my humility, I swear to remain grateful to all of you…


  1. grabeng exposure ito! hahaha ! thanks thanks. and happy birthday sa blog mo.


  2. congrats! more months and years in blogging....

    grabbed your badge already... please check out http://roviebren.blogspot.com/

    hope you can add my links too..


    thanks so much!

  3. Thanks, Reese and Rovie :)

    I'll grab ur badge, too, Rovie ;) thanks for the visits....

  4. Congrats sa new baby (blog)..Visiting from OT. See yah!


  5. Hello ZIH. I'd like to know how do you wanna be called? Please let me know.

    BTW, thank you for swinging by at lainyonline.com/

    Magkaklase pala kayo ni KM. I have come across her blog just recently and she got me hooked. I hope to come by here too as frequently as I can.

    Happy first month bday to your blog. Good luck and cheers to more blogging birthdays to come!

    See yah!

  6. Thanks, Lainy :) You can call me ZIH, Zenith, Ledz or Sexy hihihi Any of these will do ;)

    Actually, I'm still new in blogging and earning... and I am still learning :)

    Expect my frequent visits to your site, too ;)

    Thanks once again & Godspeed :)


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