Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Ready, My Soul

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This is a real treasure.  This cannot be found in youtube and I don't know why.  This very good song should be shared to everyone. It's really very inspiring that I can't resist myself but share this beautiful music. Thanks for the free gift from CASH IN A FLASH.  It's free to download the MP3 from their website.

Get Ready, My Soul by Daniel Nahmod

Get Ready my soul, I'm diving in
Get Ready my soul, I'm diving in
To the deepest kind of love
To the sweetest kind of life
Get ready, Get ready, My Soul

Everything, I've ever done
Everything I've ever seen
Everything I've lost or won
Everything I've ever dreamed

Has brought me here
To the present moment, here
To a new beginning, here
And I'm seeing life so clearly now

Repeat (A)

Here I go, deeper, deeper
Deeper than I've ever been before
Here I go, closer, closer
Closer to my sacred source

Repeat (A)

Lyrics are copied from : Daniel Nahmod Lyrics
MP3 Inspirational Song can be downloaded for free at : Cash In a Flash

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    thanks much!

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