Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 - 3rd runner up: my Q&A version

     My previous steady don’t have any interests with pageants like Miss Universe.  For him, it is just a venue of promoting expensive beauty products and winners are usually from the developing countries where there’s a low market demands for those expensive products.

     But I hail from Philippines where real beautiful women (inside & out) are born.  Not only that, we also have lots of winners of Miss Universe who are truly engaged in holistic activities (my personal favorite is Ms.  Gloria Diaz).

     For this year’s Miss Universe, I got interested with the question for Miss Philippines.  Should I change my religion to marry the man I love?  Well, religion is our relationship with God.  It’s just like an FB status of what we perceived in our relationship i.e.  Single (even though in a relationship) or In a relationship but complicated. Our real faith with God is our attachment with Him.  Thus, attachment is far more important than religion.  We only have ONE GOD whichever religion we are affiliated with. 

     Religion is just like water in different languages.  For scientist, it’s merely an H2O formula.  For Filipinos, it is called “Tubig” and for the universal language, we understand it as “water”. The bottom line is, however it is translated or interpreted, we still believe in ONE GOD and it’s our attachment with Him that truly matters.


  1. I was a bit disappointed when Shamcey didn't win the title because I think she did so well during the pageant, especially during the nerve-wracking question and answer portion. I love her answer and, just like what one of the commentators said, Shamcey's answer blew me away. :-)


  2. Yes, Irene :) I also wish another Filipina for Ms. U... but who knows, may be next year, we can have another Ms. U ;)

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. naks ! pang ms. U ang sagot ah ! ;)

  4. hehehe overqualified na, KM ;) para sumali pa nyahahaha

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  6. Muchas gracias, Ignacio... También me encanta tus fotos:) Y yo se que visitar de nuevo pronto ...

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  8. shamcey really did well and you also have broader view on things pertaining to religion and I admire you...

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    see you around...

  9. Thanks Vera and Rovie for the visit :)


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