Monday, September 26, 2011

Deceitful World

     I normally don’t believe in any gossip.  If it pertains to people close to me, I confirm it first directly to the concerned person.  But last time, I was a victim of a hoax. There’s a numerous blogs stating that Oprah Winfrey commented on the Miss Universe 2011 results in favor of Miss Philippines.  I was a bit disappointed that some people are less responsible in spreading unconfirmed and unreliable information. One thing that I realized though, it quite happens everywhere. In our workplace, newspapers, community, politics and, OMG, even in stock markets.  What about in love? Well, it seems true also.  Most people deceive to get what they want, to manipulate the world. Even in the worldwideweb, we often search for the answers to our questions and we believe to what we read and see. But as customers or users, we have to be wary of everything.

     Just like my sister’s reaction to the movie clip she has seen in youtube regarding the pork that was marinade in coke softdrink.  This may sounds funny to you, but she actually tried doing it. A small slice of pork was marinade in coke softdrink.  And after 2 hours, there’s no single worm came out from that pork as claimed by that uploaded movie clip. And while I am writing this, it’s now (marinade for)  15 hours  (and counting) and yet, I haven’t seen any single worm from that pork.  Darn!

     So next time, we have to assess things that we hear, read or see, most especially if it is a malicious information or gossip. And believe me, a lot of people are earning from that… earning not only in terms of money but worst, earning the trust also.

     Ergo, always follow this old adage – BUYERS BEWARE ;) and I trust that you understand what I mean.

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