Friday, October 7, 2011

My Sexy Cup of Tea

     It was a rainy rendezvous, with my sister Loren, for another adventure. But unfortunately  when we got there, the supposedly adventure will  be available only in next 3-4 months. I thought that it is available at any season. Anyway, we just decided to stroll at the baywalk.  And as usual, we enjoyed our photo shots anywhere (everywhere ;) ).

     We are finally feeling chilled with sea breeze and started looking for a hot cup before going home ...viola, Starbucks!

     You know, there are 3 reasons why my memories in Starbucks are happier. These are: 1)  Green Tea Latte (hot) 2) Oreo cheesecake  3) Sexy ;) Well, the first two are the known products that I usually bought in Starbucks .  It is my all-time favorite and the latter is the name I give whenever asked by a cashier. You got it right! It's cooool!  Try it sometime, too ;) It will give happy heart not only to you and your company but to the cashier and service crews, as well.

I am SEXY... whether you like it or not ;)

My Green Tea Latte

     One of the few things in my Green Tea Latte, I can choose over a skimmed or non-fat milk. Whichever, I simply love the rich flavor of the green tea. Vendi size is my sexy cup! What I mean is that - it's my level of fulfillment.

My all-time favorites ;)

      Starbucks' oreo cheesecake is one of the best cheesecakes that I ever tasted, too. Some times, I double my servings to satisfy my appetite, too.  Oooopppssss!  Those were the days, I mean ;)

My travel & adventure buddy, my sister!

Shirt says, "Please don't be intimidated, my AWESOMENESS was meant to be shared." ;) hihihi

     With all these photo shots, stroll and hot cups, we went home with happy hearts despite of the detour of our adventure.  This unplanned adventure turned out to be another sweet memories of ours.


  1. here naman, stores would usually ask for email address to include you in their mailing list for coupons, etc. so whenever they'd ask me what's my email address, i'd be embarassed to say "kissme..." lalo na pag guy yung cashier. hehe!

    stay sexy ! :)

  2. Hehehe uu nga, nangingiti ako every time nakakasalubong ko ang email address mo :) Friendship talaga kita kasi pareho tayong... ;)

    ...and you will always be "More Than Sexy"... ;)

  3. ohhh! love STARBUCKS.. left you some love!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Contest?

  4. starbucks it is... and yes, you are sexy zen...

    visiting you here...

  5. nice posting buddy... give me one please.. :)


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