Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great Things in Macau

     I have been to few Asian countries and if there's only one place to revisit, I must say Macau without battling my eyelashes. Although we hired a tourist guide to maximize our day tour, I wish to be there again for 3 days or more. And since there's so much to share about my Macau travel, I will pursue to write it in few parts.

Below photos were taken while in bus or taxi ;)

Ruins of St. Paul
 This is regarded as a symbol of Macau.You just can't miss going here when you visit the place.

Trivia: This church was built in 1602. It was used later as an army barracks after the expulsion of the Jesuits. A fire in 1835 destroyed this church, all that remains is its magnificent stone facade and grand staircase.

 Front view of the Ruins

  Back view of the Ruins

 One of the Statues that illustrates the early days of the Church in Asia

You also should not miss tasting the EGG TART from Macau. I must say, it is one of the best in the world.  Au Poil!

Ladies offering a free taste (sort of preserved cooked meat) in the pathway.

This is one of the bakeries that we have entered. They offer a free taste of every product. You just get some from the specific transparent containers. Thus, you can taste everything before you decide what to buy. Cool, isn't?  There's a water dispenser inside the shop, too. Once thirsty, you can have a purified water for FREE. This is truly a TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

     Aside from the egg tart, my most favorite to buy in Macau is the Ginger Candy from Koi Kei Bakery. I just can't stop munching until none is left ;)

{By the way, I will be sharing more of my Macau adventures in my next blog.}


  1. wow ! nice posts ah :) congrats at nakapag update ka ng blog ^^ ako naman ang hindi maka keep up sa blogging ko dahil sobrang busy :/

  2. uu nga :) na-inspire ako dun sa 3 parts mo hihihi buti nakapagpost galore ka bago magbakasyon :) salamat sa pagbisita kahit ikaw ay sobrang busy :) Muaahhhh


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