Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Secret of My Mommy

Cory is the name of my Mommy,
Who has a lot of money,
She calls her husband “honey”,
December 30 is their wedding anniversary.

After 30 years of humanity,
My mommy borned seven baby,
Happiness is the feeling of everybody,
The Heaven and Earth are propinquity.

I’m the youngest of her lady,
Whom everybody got envy,
Because of my healthy body,
And also my popularity.

Mommy gives water to the thirsty,
Gives bread to the hungry,
Her heart is open to everybody,
And help with rigidity.

Mommy have a lot of ability,
The reason of my loyalty,
If I’m with her I’m safety,
Without a feeling of anxiety.

Now she has her own party.
Celebrating her 56th birthday,
Which is done yearly,
Sanctify her is our tendency.

Whew! After 17 years, I am sharing this poem online.  This is the first English poem that I have made. Thanks to Ms. Alinsunurin (my high school journalism teacher) who taught me the fun and beauty of writing.  And of course, thanks to KM - a great influence to my passion in writing.  She truly inspires me …then and now! 


  1. happy birthday sa iyong mommy, ledz! more returns of her happy day :)

    at special mention pala kami ni Ms. Alinsunurin ditetch? salamat naman at kahit pano eh na-inspire pala kita ♥ same here :) hugs!

  2. :-) happy birthday sa mommy mo.. ang galing mo!

  3. Oist, it's not my Mom's bday... I'm just sharing this poem.

    @Cora, noypi ka pala hehehe kala ko stateside ;) thanks :)

    @Km, my passion started in that journalism subject talaga and with you... remember the midget story which was printed in the gazette? hehehe you played a major role... hihihi

  4. although the aged but her mother still seems eager to Work

  5. a beautiful tribute to your mommy.

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom zen at happy new year na din sa inyong lahat...

    God bless you this 2012...


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