Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Sunshine Blogger Award

    I am doing my blog routine, visiting the blogs of my frequent visitors, when I came across with this award. It really surprised me that Ron  chose me to be one of the recipients of this awesome (really awesome!) award. Whew! I am having an extended circle of friends in this blogging world. And this extended circle really is so amazing.  Let me explain why.  A friendship that started with KM (my high school comrade), I became close to his father (Papaleng) who created an Xpressionlane Forum where I have also met PS, who also have a blogging buddy (high school pals), she's no other than Rovie who gave this award to Ron and Ron also gave it to me.  What a wonderful world!  I am enjoying and welcoming a bigger horizon of this blogging world.  Amazing, is it not?

Since this award should be passed to 10 People, I will be choosing 10 blogging friends randomly. Oh please, don't feel bad if you will not be chosen, there's only 10 slots from over a hundred blogging friends ;) But to all of you - thank you for adding sunshine to my blogsite. Either online or offline, rain or shine, I will remain grateful :)
By the way, here are some set of rules for the recipients of this Award:
1) Thank the Person (that's Me) who gave this award and write a little post about it.
2) Answer the Questions Below.
3) Pass it on to 10 Bloggers who you think deserves this award and send them a message telling them about it (thru contact page/shoutbox or etc) to let the recipient know that they got an award.
Questions (and my Answers):
Fav Color: Baby Pink, Sky Blue and Yellow
Fav Number: 7 and 1104 (oh please don't start counting my great madness LOL)
Fav Drink: Water, Pineapple Juice and Green Tea
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook (after all, my twitter posts are also linked and posted to my FB wall hehehe)
Your Passion: Great food and Financial Freedom are some (complete list is available upon request hahaha just kidding)
Giving or Getting Presents?: Giving - it's one of my languages of love ;)
Fav Day: Sunday and Wednesday ;)
Fav Flowers: Tulips, Sunflower and Stargazer (and I haven't received any of these yet.... aheemmm...)

It's about time to pass it on... and my Sunshine Blogger Awardees (in Alphabetical order) are:

:) Now, I  have to get back to visiting my other blogging friends... :)
OMG, this also reminds me that there's one more pending award that I need to pass on... 


  1. sobrang naging connected sa isa't isa no? hehe!

    congrats sa sunshine award ... at sa bagong work! yehey !!

  2. What a wonderful "blogging" world.

    Thanks for the linky love Zen... Hehehe...

    Congrats to all your awardees...

  3. Thanks to both of you :) Sana maging active ka-comment-uhan din ako sa inyo... will pursue from next year ;) :D

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for this! But I already received this award last month. I will add you nalang on the list of the persons who have given it to me.

    Thanks again :*

  5. hi there.. how are you? have a blessed sunday..

  6. wow napasama ako maraming salamat sa award hehehe na touch naman ako dito :D

  7. wow kasama tlga ko dito.. maraming salamat po ha.. kakatatz naman.. :D

  8. Thank you sis,so honored to be one of the chosen 10 here.I am accepting the award. Will update this post in my page soon. Keep blogging:)


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